The Top 3 Trampolines With Enclosures

Trampolines with enclosures are more popular than ever. There are dozens of brands releasing new models every year. Keeping up with the best trampolines can be more difficult than keeping up with the latest smartphone. That’s why we’ve done the difficult work and compiled a list of the top three best trampolines with enclosures.

#3. SkyBound Stratos

When considering the best trampolines of the year, safety, design, and additional features are all important factors. The Stratos trampoline from SkyBound excels in all three of these areas. The netting enclosure features a concave design that is not only very safe but is also aesthetically pleasing. It offers a unique and sleek appearance that you won’t find with any other trampoline on the market.

The safety provided by the enclosure comes from a combination of high-density netting, the concave design, and the enclosure poles. There are a total of 12 enclosure poles that are manufactured from galvanized steel and heavily padded. The strength of the poles and the net helps to ensure that any kids jumping on the trampoline stay on the jumping mat where they belong.

The overall manufacturing quality of the trampoline is exceptional as well. The springs are 8.5 inches and manufactured with 3mm gauge steel. Each of the springs has been dipped in an ionized zinc mixture to reduce the rate of rusting and provide corrosion resistance.

#2. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline

If you’re willing to shell out the extra money for a high-end trampoline, then the 4.5-meter rectangular trampoline from Skywalker is a great choice. The first thing you notice about this trampoline is its shape. Instead of rolling with the traditional circular shape, Skywalker chose to manufacture a rectangular trampoline. It’s very similar to the types of trampolines that you would use in a gym.

The trampoline design makes it an ideal choice for gymnasts or families with aspiring gymnasts. They will be able to easily practice their jumps and manoeuvres at home, thus helping them perform better when at the gym. Another advantage of the design is that it can actually improve space utilization. A circular trampoline can take up a large area, but this rectangular model can be squeezed into tighter spots if rotated correctly.

#1. AlleyOop Variable Bounce Trampoline

Number one on the list is the variable bounce trampoline from AlleyOop. It’s slightly smaller than your average 4.5-meter trampoline, which makes it easier to place in the yard if you’re tight on space. At 4.2 meters in diameter, the kids won’t notice the difference.

What the kids will notice is the variable bounce technology. The idea behind this feature is that some springs will engage immediately after landing on the jumping mat and some springs will engage just a moment later. This helps the body with absorbing the force of the impact. Instead of absorbing it all at once, the body can absorb it more gradually, thus reducing stress on the joints and knees. It also provides a smoother jumping experience.

Choosing Your New Trampoline

There’s no wrong choice when it comes to choosing from these three trampolines. The Skywalker model is great for gymnasts or people with limited space on their property. The SkyBound trampoline is ideal for those who want a high-quality model that is surprisingly affordable. Finally, the AlleyOop trampoline is a great all-around choice because of its safe design and variable bounce technology.