How Much Does a Big Trampoline Cost?

Bouncing on a trampoline is excellent for getting an individual’s blood pumping, and it’s great for body circulation. This also benefits adults who want to lose weight and stay healthy. Additionally, bouncing on a trampoline is the perfect exercise routine for the kids as well. Whether someone is buying a trampoline for their kids, themselves, or the whole family, jumping on a trampoline can benefit anyone of all ages. As a result, making the trampoline the perfect exercise equipment to have in the backyard. When purchasing a large trampoline, one would like to know how much a large trampoline would generally cost. When purchasing a large trampoline, a buyer will get what they generally pay for. A standard round trampoline can size up anywhere from 10-feet to 16-feet. This could cost from $250 to $550. The price range of a trampoline can vary depending on it’s: 

  • Accessories 
  • Style 
  • Size 
  • Trampoline style
  • Safety features
  • Quality

The Best Trampolines On The Market

 When searching for the perfect trampoline for the family, it’s wise to consider purchasing the best of the best on the market. Overall, when buying the best trampoline one can guarantee quality. This includes a longer life span of the product as well. Manufacturer warranty and durability can also play a huge part when pricing out a trampoline. An individual will get what they pay for when purchasing a product like a trampoline. Here is a list of the best trampolines on the market today: 

Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme

 This rectangular product is one of the best on the market and the best for its value. The Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme is perfect for beginner bouncers as well as experts. This product includes multiple sizes and dimensions to choose from. Providing the buyer a choice when it comes to size. Additionally, this product includes a lifetime warranty, while most trampoline companies only offer a 10-year or an 8-year warranty. Furthermore, the company delivers its product on time and on providing excellent customer service. 


  • High performance 
  • Safety features 
  • 550 pounds of jumping capacity 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Safety features
  • Quality
  • Strongest trampoline frame in the industry
  • Includes net-inclosure
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in multiple sizes, 8’ x 4’/ 10’ x 17’/ 10’ x 20’/ 10’ x 23 / 13’ x 23’/ 14’ x 16’


  • Does not include full instructions 
  • Occasionally the parts may not all be included (However, when contacting the manufacturer, they will send the parts right away. Hassle-free.) 

Skywalker Trampoline

 Skywalker Trampolines all have one thing in common, their thorough tested safety features. This company tests the trampoline’s durability as well as safety features. This includes the safety features for both the product and its accessories. This trampoline is recommended for ages 6 and up, however, this product is perfect for adults as well. Overall, providing a unique oval shape for a longer bouncing surface of 163.2 square feet. Furthermore, this trampoline is designed to prevent slippage. The jump mat is made from woven polyethylene which is also UV protected to extend the life of the product. 


  • Tested for safety & durability 
  • Comes with 4 wind stakes 
  • 200 pounds of jumping capacity 
  • Jumping surface is 163.2 square feet
  • Includes reinforced T-sockets
  • Woven jumping area to prevent slipping
  • 17’ oval trampoline
  • Rust-resistant springs


  • Cannot exceed a weight of 200 pounds 
  • Directions for assembly are not clear
  • Packaging occasionally miss parts
  • Assembly not simple
  • One size

JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce

 The JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce is a trampoline-like no other. This product includes easily adjustability and excellent bounce absorption to enhance performance. Additionally, this trampoline includes a safety net adjusted with a backup design to ensure further safety. There are also built-in rest zones, which are convenient for small children who’ll want to take a moment to rest. The rest areas are extra thick with pad coverings for comfort. This product offers a lifetime warranty, and customer service is excellent with customer communication. When there’s an issue with the product, the manufacturer will replace it with whatever needs replacing. Overall, this trampoline is a great buy for its buck, however, strong winds can lift it. It’s recommended to pin the product down securely. 


  • 50+ patent & safety features
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 2 layers of high-performance black springs
  • Advanced safety design of netting that can hold up to 259 pounds
  • 800 pounds of jumping capacity
  • Easy doorway with no zipper
  • 10’ x 17’ in size


  • 350 pound limit for a single user
  • No zipper on the doorway
  • Needs to be pinned down. Cannot withstand high winds.
  • Metal frame weaker than others on the market
  • One size

JumpSport 10’x17′ StagedBounce

 The JumpSport StagedBounce trampoline has one the largest sweet-spot bounce area on the market. The trampoline is designed for beginner bouncers and experts alike. The JumpSport StagedBounce trampoline includes high stretch springs. As a result, providing a smoother bounce for a safer experience for the user. Overall, this product has a 10-year warranty, and customer service is excellent with communication if there’s an issue with the product. The trampoline is built with a double-truss frame which is made to withstand weight and mother nature. As a result, the buyer can rest easy knowing their product is strong with durability and will last longer than most trampolines on the market. 


  • Includes safety enclosure
  • 108 high-performance springs
  • Perfect for beginner & expert bouncers
  • Includes a 10-year warranty
  • Heavy-duty frame made from cold-rolled steel
  • Extremely durable
  • Overlapping doorway
  • Includes rest-zones
  • Low maintenance
  • 800 pounds of jumping capacity
  • Easy to read instructions
  • 10’ x 17’ in size


  • 250 pounds of single-user capacity
  • Occasional sewing errors on the product
  • Difficult assembly
  • Occasionally won’t include all the parts. Will have to contact the manufacturer.
  • One size