Top 14 Garden Trampolines Reviews

Trampolines are recreational and training equipment in high demand by families with children, gymnasts, and cheerleaders. We have a selection of products designed by known brands, including JumpSport, Springfree, Skywalker, Jumpkin, Zupapa, Exacme, Happy Trampoline, or Giantex for you, family members, and guests to enjoy safely. You will receive a limited time warranty on the trampoline and parts up to 10 years, depending on the brand and model.

 We have the best small-sized trampolines, comprising the Elite Basketball Trampoline, Medium Round Trampoline, Jump N Dunk, Rectangular Galvanized Trampoline, 10-Ft Trampoline for Kids, 7X10 Foot Rectangle Trampoline, Galactic Xtreme, and the 8-Ft—16-Ft Trampoline. Each equipment comes with installation instructions, the trampoline, mat, pads, springs, and hardware.

 You can easily set up the trampoline in your backyard or front yard. We believe you will have 100 percent satisfied with any of the high-performance and top-ranking trampolines. Recreational trampolines make great gifts for adults, young children, and teens. Below, we are providing you with reviews of eight of the best-selling small-sized trampolines in high demand.

1. Skybound Stratos Premium 15ft Trampoline

 Are you looking for the best-designed or sleek trampoline? If this is the case, then you must go with the Skybound Stratos Premium. This is the most trustworthy and eye-catching trampoline current in the market. Furthermore, to ensure its safety, the trampoline has exceeded the ATSM safety standards. Hence, if you are a parent and worried about your kid’s protection, then the ASTM standards help eliminate the worries.

 The product is made of high-quality products that help in enhancing longevity, durability, and efficiency. Its frame is encased with a black film that helps in protecting the frame against rust and corrosion. Hence, keeping the frame safe against any harsh weather conditions. It comes with an 8.5-inch spring and a strongly built frame. The robust nature enhances it to withstand a weight of up to 1000 pounds. Hence, providing a favorable environment for many children to have fun together. Furthermore, the robust springs provide an enjoyable and equal bounce. For advanced security, the springs are secured by a padded mat preventing the occurrence of any injuries.


 Springs are covered with a stuffed mat

 It can endure a load of 1000lbs

 It has 8.5-inch springs

 Its safety guidelines meet the ASTM standards

 It’s made of high-quality products

 Its architecture is incorporated with matt black particles

 It’s durable and long-lasting

 It’s easy and quick to assemble

 2. Jumpspsort AlleyOOP 10-inch

 Do you have a spacious yard, and you want to spend it on the most valuable trampoline, then welcome to the AlleyOOP. The trampoline comes in a 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft radius: thus, you can easily choose the best trampoline that suits you, children. It comes with a protective enclosure making it one of the most ensured huge trampolines in the market. For easy access, the net has an overlap that makes one move the net to enter or exit the trampoline. The overlap offers additional safety since it’s difficult for one to trip over while leaving the trampoline. The netting is made of heavy-duty supports straps maintaining its safety even in harsh weather conditions. Also, for durability and longevity, the netting is made up of a robust UV resistant.

 After jumping for a whole hour, your kids might get exhausted and require to relax. Hence, to avoid commotions and ensure safety, the trampoline features a unique rest bay. This allows your kid to rest and go backs to playing without exiting the trampoline. This product has an unlimited warranty on all its parts, hence securing your property. This product features 72 springs that offer a great jumping experience and fun.


 It comes with 72 different springs

 It has an endless warranty

 The products are made of high quality

 It comes with a net enclosure with an overlap for access and safety

 It comes in different sizes

 3. Skywalker Trampoline 15ft Round Trampoline

 Are you in search of the largest trampoline that can accommodate the whole of your family? Or are you in search of one of the most cherished trampolines? If your answer is yes, then you must opt for the Skywalker round trampoline. The trampoline is equipped with a 15ft round bouncing pad that can accommodate many children at once. This feature makes it easy for many children to have fun at once. For safety, the trampoline comes with an embedded, patented system that has no gap: hence, protecting kids from falling off the trampoline. For access, the trampoline comes with a dual zip system that makes it easy for children to move within the trampoline. Furthermore, advance security is attained by the presence of a hook clip located at the base of the trampoline.

 However, fun is not only attained with bouncing while using this trampoline. This model comes with a basketball loop for extra pleasure and entertainment: thus, if you are tired of bouncing, you can decide to throw baskets. Sounds like fun, right? For safety measures, the trampoline meets ASTM standards, just like the rest of the Skywalker models. Apart from that, it also has some advanced features for added safety like safety mats, padded holes, and weight limits. Furthermore, the firm also offers a 3-year warranty on the external structure that helps in securing your purchase for this period.


 It has a 15ft round bouncing mat

 It can hold a maximum weight of 280 pounds

 It comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame

 It comes with an enclosed patented system

 4. ORCC outdoor trampoline

 This is the best gift you can offer your kid. Furthermore, if you are insecure about your kid’s safety, then purchasing this product will relieve you of all your worries. The product comes with a 6ft, and polyethylene enclosed net to offer advanced safety for your kid. Also, the high-quality material used in making the net enhances its durability and longevity. For additional safety, the poles are covered with a padded foam protecting your kids from getting injured by the steel pole.

 The trampoline frame is built with a heavy-duty galvanized steel frame that is 1.5 mm thick with a diameter of 43mm. Hot-dip galvanized process is used in building the steel frames. This plays a huge part in making the product withstand all weather conditions and also makes it durable.

 These trampolines have a great bounce experience and withstand a weight capacity of 373 pounds. The bouncing experience is offered by the UV-resistant, waterproof, and fade-resistant mat. Besides that, the mat is designed with a heavy-duty stitching tech that offers a great jumping experience. Also, for effective bouncing, the springs have a 7-inch gauge and also galvanized to make them rust-free.


 It comes with a safety ladder

 It comes with an enclosure net

 It supports up to a weight of 373 pounds

 It is built of galvanized heavy-duty steel frame

 It’s durable and safe

 5. Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline 15ft with Premium Enclosure

 This trampoline is safe for adults and kids. Hence, if you are in the outlook for a trampoline that can be used by your whole family, then you must think of this trampoline. The trampoline features a durable, strong, and safe premium enclosure keeping your kids safe. This is the best net to attach to any trampoline since it offers safety to people with a maximum weight of 240lb.

 It can hold a single weight of 240 pounds. However, the trampoline is designed to withstand several numbers of users. The trampoline is built with thick, strong galvanized steel that offers durability and stability. The durability is attained by the rust-resistant feature present in the steel.

 It has a 15ft diameter UV treated mat that offers an awesome, enjoyable bouncing moment. The mat covers springs, protecting your kid from coming in touch with the springs in case of any tripping. If you are in search of an equal and great jump, this device offers all due to the stitching method used. It also has several 8.5-inch springs that also offers a great bouncing moment.


 It has a 15ft UV treated mat

 It is built with galvanized steel frame

 It can support a single weight of 240 pounds

 It is durable and suitable for both kids and adults

 6. Songmics trampoline

 Do you prefer having a safe, sleek, and well-constructed trampoline, then you must opt for this trampoline. The product comes with a safety enclosure net incorporated with clips, that assists in keeping the kids in the net at all times. The net does not come into contact with the springs of the equipment but surrounds the bouncing mat, hence ensuring the safety of kids. Furthermore, the feature protects kids from getting injured from falling on the springs or poles. For additional security, springs are embraced with a quilted covering.

 For easy access into the trampoline, the equipment comes with a ladder that aids kids in entering and exiting. However, to ensure that parents are confident enough with the device, the Songmic Company, always ensure that their products meet ASTM standards. This is international safety standards kept to ensure that firms produce safe and valuable products.

 For enjoyable and memorable moments, the device comes with a large surface area for bouncing and exercising. If you are a huge basketball fan, then you can practice your dunking as the equipment comes with a basketball hoop. The device is also built with robust solid steel enhancing more stability and durability. However, it has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds.


 It has an enclosed net

 Its springs are capped with a stuffed cover

 Built using a solid steel

 It is durable and long-lasting

 Can incorporate the weight of up to 375 pound

 7. Springfree Trampoline

 If you are a parent and in need of a safe and beautiful trampoline for your kid, then go for this trampoline. Its beneficial and sleek design makes it among the best trampolines on the planet. The trampoline bouncing mat is raised above the springs to offer safety for your kids and the user. Elevating the bouncing mat protects your kid from colliding with springs and frames, preventing the occurrence of any injuries. It comes with a ladder that offers easy access into and out of the trampoline. the equipment has an enclosed robust net that offers enough security and protects your kid from falling. The net also enables your kid to have an enjoyable moment by doing flips and high jumps. Furthermore, the net is held using strong net rods in place of metal rods.

 The trampoline comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes, offering you a room to choose the one that suits your needs. It can withstand a weight of up to 1100 pounds; thus, many children can have ample time together. It comes with a basketball hoop offering advanced fun and enjoyment. Also, its mat is designed with SoftEdge tech that offers advanced safety. At the same time, providing a soft landing spot for your child in case he trips.


 It has a SoftEdge mat

 It accumulates a weight of 1100 pounds

 It has a sleek and beautiful design

 It has an enclosed net system

 It has a ladder for easy access

Trampolines For Small Backyard

1. JumpSport Elite Basketball Package With a 12-Ft Trampoline

 JumpSport is a popular brand and manufacturer of the Elite Basketball Package with a 12-foot trampoline, the net enclosure, a pro-flex basketball hoop, and an overlapped entryway. The trampoline is cost-efficient and renders years of joyfulness and amusement for children the age of six and above and adults of all ages. The bouncing mat has an enclosure net to protect kids from injury and falls. Turn your backyard into a space for activities and play with this product that incorporates JumpSport’s high-performance Alley OOP trampoline and its classic equipment line. 


 The JumpSport Elite Basketball Package with a 12-foot Trampoline features patented Pro-stretch springs designed to deliver smoother and longer bouncing effects. We carry this brand because of its engineering technology that enhances the bounce and performance of every jump. Other features include a reinforced pad for covering the frame of the trampoline and an industrial and ultra-violet protected mat.


 The frame size of the Elite Basketball 12-foot Trampoline is 12 feet in diameter and 35 inches in height. It has eight six-foot steel poles and ultra-violent vinyl sleeves to protect children from harsh impact and injury. The 8.5-inch Pro-Stretch springs comprise steel with tensile zinc. 

 JumpSport manufactured the frame & spring pad using PE foam that measures 14-inch x 1-inch in thickness. It is UV protected, water-resistant, and PVC reinforced. The jumping mat is quality tensile and insusceptible to light and heat from the sun. It withstands extreme weather, including ice, snow, and rain. 

3. Skywalker 8-Foot Jump N Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net-Basketball Trampoline

 Family fun is the focus of Skywalker in designing and producing outdoor recreational equipment, including the Jump N Dunk Trampoline with a safety net enclosure. We ensure our product keeps you and your family safe with a secured enclosure net. The kids will have a wonderful time playing soft basketball using the spongy dunk hoop. The basketball set comes with two foam basketballs and a hoop, rim, and backboard made of cushioned material. Your entire family will have excitement playing basketball, jumping, and slam dunking the ball. 


 Designed with a patented no-gap enclosure system, the Skywalker Jump N Dunk Trampoline eliminates dangerous space in the whole platform. It includes a three-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on other parts of the equipment. The net is of tight-woven polyethylene that is UV protected. Skywalker uses a very thick vinyl-coated spring pad that is fade resistant and heavy-duty. The galvanized steel frame is weather-resistant to prevent rust and corrosion to the metal. 


 The Jump N Dunk Trampoline by Skywalker is a recommendation for children at the age of six and up. It has a jumping surface of 34 square feet and a spring count of 56. The time required to assemble it is approximately two hours. The trampoline is eight feet with the net enclosure. The galvanized springs are of high-quality metal and 18-gauge steel. The trampoline set includes assembly tools, a spring hook, pad, springs, net enclosure, hardware, and an instruction manual. 

4. Jumpking 7×10-Foot Rectangular Galvanized Trampoline with Padded Enclosure

 If you have a small backyard, consider the 7×10-foot Rectangular Galvanized Trampoline. Jumpking recommends this recreational product for children age six and older and adults. The maximum weight limit is 200 lbs. It comes in a unique design with a large bouncing area for young gymnasts to practice flips and cartwheels. The brand considers the trampoline as a sport and recreational equipment.

 You and the family can use it to improve the immune system and functions of the respiratory system, brain development, and muscles. In the summer, trampolining helps to increase the levels of vitamin D naturally when exposed to sunlight for 15 minutes a day. It may improve a children’s concentration during school and at home when doing homework. 


 The design feature of the Jumpkin Rectangular Galvanized Trampoline is spectacular with a blue pad and a large bounce space for flipping and cartwheels. The jumping platform is 100 percent polypropylene and provides comfortable and high jumps. Jumpking ensures all products meet ASTM standards for safety and quality. The rectangular trampoline includes a handy pulling tool for easy setup. 


 The height of the Rectangular Galvanized trampoline with the net enclosure is 73.62 inches in height and 30.50 inches with the net. The 10-foot steel galvanized steel frame and springs are rust-resistant. The pad measures 7-foot x 10-foot in a rectangular design. Jumpking engineered the trampoline with four w-shaped legs for stability and to prevent the equipment from shifting when jumping. 

5. Zupapa 10-Ft Trampoline for Kids

 Zupapa 10-ft Trampoline for children is sure to get much use from your children and visiting friends. It will completely satisfy you with its high-performance bouncing effects the trampoline mat provides. The set comprises a ladder, safety net, springs, blue rain cover, tools, pad, and the trampoline. Zupapa uses the latest galvanized technology to protect the frame and springs from deterioration. This trampoline is great as birthday and holiday gifts for kids age six to teenage. 


 The 10-Foot Trampoline for Kids features protective ultra-violent soluble to prevent damages to the mat, padding, and the net caused by direct sunlight. Its ladder and the rain cover is non-slippery for safety when children are climbing up and down. The product includes a 10-year warranty for the frame and a two-year warranty for the mat, net enclosure, and springs. If you receive a defective part, the manufacturer will replace it at no charge. The Zupapa trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of up to 330 lbs. 


 Zupapa Trampoline’s frame is 10 feet, and the net is 8.9 feet in height. The cover of the frame is blue and comprises PE and PVC. Zupapa manufactured the mat with PP (polypropylene) and the net with mesh netting. The trampoline has 2-steel legs for providing overall safer and firmer support. It comes with long wind stakes to keep the equipment in place during storms. The steel tube frame is 42 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm in thickness. 

6. Exacme 7×10-Ft Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure for Kids

 Exacme is the creator of the 7×10-foot Rectangle Trampoline, one of the newest models of the brand. It makes an excellent gift for children and little gymnastics to play, train, and have lots of fun. The equipment is great for boys and girls beginning at age six. It will keep your little ones entertained for a long time throughout the year if the weather permits. You need enough space for the Exacme trampoline to fit in a small backyard away from a structure and swimming pool.


 The Rectangle Trampoline by Exacme has a four-cornered triangle structure, providing more room for jumping and flipping on the mat. It comes with steel wire encompassing the top of the zip-closure net. The zip function allows opening and closing from inside and outside the trampoline. The equipment supports children and adults up to 335 pounds. You can use the mat as an adult to exercise and stay fit or to be a kid again having fun with your small children. 


 Exacme Rectangle Trampoline’s frame is 7×10 feet and the jumping mat is 8×4.3 feet in dimensions. The mat has a material of polyethylene and the springs have galvanized treatment. The spring set includes 56 springs that are 6.5 inches in length for a firm and higher bouncing and jumping. The exacme trampoline system includes the enclosure net, safety pad, step-ladder, mat, 4-piece w-shaped leg, springs, and a hardware pack with tools and accessories for assembly.

7. Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Round Trampoline

 Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Round Trampoline by Happy Trampoline is exclusively for active children and young athletes. If you prefer a trampoline for your kids, the Galactic Xtreme is a perfect selection of the best equipment systems. We ensure the children’s safety using strong steeled frames and springs, a safety mat, and an enclosure net. Enjoy special moments watching the kids jump, train for gymnastics, and bounce for entertainment excitement. The trampoline set includes everything you need to assemble in the backyard or front yard.


 Happy Trampoline’s Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Round Trampoline features a galvanized frame for protection against rust caused by the sun, ice, rain, and snow. It provides the strength and safety for young athletic trainees, cheerleaders, and kids wanting to have fun and laughter. The net covers the entire trampoline to provide protection and avoid bodily harm. Happy Trampoline designed and built the durable mat to last over 30 years. The Galactic Xtreme features thick and long coils for providing smoother landings and elevated jumps. 


 The weight limit is 550 pounds on the Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Round Trampoline. It has 108 springs with long and thick coils, measuring nine inches. Happy Trampoline uses a 2.0 mm steel frame to lock the trampoline and net frames. The steel tubes are 2.2 mm, thick, and commercial grade for durability. For the kid’s protection, the equipment includes a proprietary enclosure net made of tough and high-grade polyester mesh.

8. Giantex 8Ft – 16Ft Trampoline

 Giantex Trampolines come in various sizes, including 8-ft, 10-ft, 12-ft, 14-ft, and 16-ft for adults, small children, and teenagers. The brand produces high-quality trampoline systems with three u-shaped legs to provide you and your loved ones with safety. All the trampoline systems include a ladder except the 8-feet equipment. Each system comes with a safeguarded net to ensure the protection of children. You can use the Giantex equipment for entertainment, physical fitness, or for adult play. 


 The Giantex Trampolines feature an all-weather enclosure net for preventing injuries as a result of falls to the ground. It has a double-sided zipper and buckles to create a safe area for exiting and entering the trampoline. Its sturdy galvanized metal frame helps support the mat and net. For stability and reinforcement, Giantex designed the legs in an u-shape. To strengthen the reinforced trampoline, it comes with robust connectors. 


 All the Giantex trampolines meet the standards and guidelines of ASTM. The spring package comprises 42 galvanized steel springs for balanced jumping and bouncing. The 10-feet through 16-feet equipment units have a ladder for climbing onto the mat surface. 

 The galvanized steel frame and springs are rust-resistant and the net is top grade PE material to avoid wear and tear over time. The measurements of the Giantex 8-feet—16-feet Trampolines are 82.5 inches in height, 96 inches in width, and 96 inches in length. Each specification provides safety for you and your family or protection for the equipment’s accessories, mat, net, and frame. 

 While trampolining is beneficial for staying active and overall health, young children and teenagers must have adult supervision at all times. If you have a child or children in gymnastic training, we have a selection of trampolines that hold up to three persons when in use. Use the protective mat cover to protect your mat if you go days without it in use. It will prolong the life of the equipment and reduce damages from harsh weather and sunlight. 

 We provide limited warranties on all brand named models for up to ten years. The trampolines are heavy-duty equipment that you can pass down from one generation to the next if you care for it properly. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully before assembly and inspect the equipment before every use.