Best In-Ground Trampoline Options

One of best items you can add to your yard is a trampoline. Not only are they a lot of fun, but trampolines are a wonderful form of exercise. In fact, according to WebMD, jumping on a trampoline can burn 160 calories in just 30 minutes. Additionally, it is a low impact activity that does not jar your body like many other types of exercise.

Today you can find a variety of trampolines that actually look good in your back yard, especially in-ground trampolines. In fact, an in-ground trampoline hides the typical unattractive pieces of equipment under the ground. Likewise, in ground trampolines are designed to blend in with your current landscape. As well, they add a discreet and functional element to your backyard décor.

Unlike above ground trampolines, in ground models are installed below ground. Not only do they eliminate the loftiness and larger structure, but they get rid of the chances of falling from a higher platform. In fact, the surface of an in ground trampoline is level with the ground. What is more, most in ground trampoline come with a net for extra safety measures. In addition, the latest models have several other features that make them the perfect outdoor device for having fun.

1. Jump Power









Although Jump Power is a fairly new company, their reputation is growing fast. They are well-known for having high quality products at affordable prices. The Jump Power Rectangular Trampoline with Safety Net features a steel frame that is very solid and reliable. In fact, the tubes are actually 16 gauge steel x 1.75” in diameter.

In addition, the frame was tested to 4 million bounces. As well, the net is attached to the frame with a very robust cable. To limit any safety issues and add aesthetics, the cable is covered with plastic material. And for ease of use, there is zipper that opens and closes for easy access to the trampoline. This is very important for children who have tiny legs and struggle to get in and out of a regular trampoline.

JUMP POWER In-ground Rectangular Trampoline also has a more than average mat. In fact, it is made of olypropylene TenCate Permatron that is finely woven into a durable material. Moreover, the rectangular surface area offers a freer and more natural bouncing space when compared to a round trampoline. Likewise, the springs are longer than the average trampoline springs that are rust-free.

The JUMP POWER In-ground Rectangular Trampoline is 10ft. x 7.5ft or 12ft. x 8ft. in size. It is the ideal size for small families and is recommended for ages 9 and up. The trampoline is easy to assemble and can be put together in about 90 minutes. Keep in mind that a in ground trampoline needs to be placed in a 3-foot deep hole. In addition, the frame comes with a five year warranty and 180 days warranty for all other parts. Likewise, the manufacturer is easy to get in touch with and has excellent customer service.


2. Berg Trampoline Oval 17ft

The 17ft Berg Trampoline merges the large jumping surface of a rectangular trampoline with the effective strength of a round frame to create the ideal shaped design. Quite frankly, you can jump the over the entire length of the oval trampoline. In addition, this trampoline has an extremely strong frame making it very safe. In addition, there is extra thick protective padding to add super safeguards when jumping.

For a higher and better jumping experience, this model features an AirFlow jumping mat and TwinSpring Gold springs. As a matter of fact, the AirFlow features a lot more air permeation when compared to the typical jumping mat. In fact, the air flow is about has 50% more. The AirFlow design allows for better jumping. For instance, when there is good airflow you have a huge reduction of resistance while you are jumping. In result, you are able to jump higher and have more fun. Additionally, the TwinSpring Gold springs are extra supple and long plus they are placed at an angle without decreasing the jumping surface.

Aside from the strong and secure frame, the BERG company offers ultra-safety features. The Net Deluxe has an upper edge that is reinforced and always stays tight. Likewise, with an entrance that is self-enclosing, you are assured extra safety. To top it off, there is a thick foam layer that surrounds the Net poles which attaches to the exterior edge of the padding for a bigger jumping surface area.

One of the biggest advantages of this Berg model is that it has a unique design and does not require you to dig a deep hole. In result, you do a lot less digging. In fact, it has short legs that are positioned above ground level. The legs actually reduce the risk of corrosion and are hardly noticeable. As well, the short legs warrant extra stability.


3. Standard In-Ground Trampoline

In-Ground Trampolines have been a prominent company for many years. They are known for high standards and building products that last. The new and updated model cannot be surpassed. Not only is it composed of the finest materials available but the trampoline is much easier to install and requires less digging and dirt to remove.

The 12′ In-Ground Trampoline has a superior durable frame made of 14 gauge steel tubing. In addition, it is supported by 18 gauge steel wall panels. For extra protection from the elements, the tubing and walls are composed of galvanized steel for full corrosion resistance that supports long term use. In addition, all of the galvanized steel is fastened together with stainless steel attachments.

The advanced in-ground trampoline has the highest spring count on the market for extra bounce and reaching unsurmountable heights. It features ninety six, 8.5”; pre-galvanized tapered springs that deliver a soft yet high functioning bounce. To obtain an even better performance, the 12” structure offers a supreme jump surface that has 20x more airflow than most conventional jump surface materials in the industry. The innovative airflow technology has a lot less resistance resulting in a much higher and streamline jump.

The newer model also has redesigned pads that are now attached to the frame. Its single bungee system offers more elasticity so that there is less stress on the seams and the pads stay securely in place. For ultra-durability and long lasting wear, the pads are constructed with 18 ounce UV resistant vinyl. The advanced spring covers are 18″ wide and over an inch thick for revolutionary comfort and support. For design and aesthetics, you can select from three different colors; green, blue, and grey.


4. Avyna Pro-Line

With over 25 years of creating superb backyard recreation products, Avyna has now revolutionized the standard trampoline. This practical backyard in-ground trampoline is one of the most popular and ground-breaking trampolines available.

One of the greatest features it the new design. The trampoline is now at ground level and requires only 3 cubic yards of excavation. In comparison, the standard 14’ diameter in-ground trampoline requires you to remove about 15 cubic yards of soil. This is because the Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline sets 10 inches off the ground. The innovative design also has sloping sides that creates a cone shaped hole that requires less soil removal. In fact, the unique does not require retaining walls but offers easier installation with the need of professionals.

The Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline has fewer components and makes installation very simple. In addition, since it has fewer parts, the price is a lot lower than most trampolines on the market. What is more, Avyna is confident that their trampolines are one of the highest quality produces on the market. In fact, the frame has a lifetime warranty.

The Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline is close to the ground making it less common for injuries. The trampoline is also securely anchored to the ground to prevent it from tipping or blowing away during extreme weather. What is more, the design makes it easy for small children to step on and off of the trampoline.

The Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline comes in three different colors, making it the perfect backyard recreational device that can blend in with your landscape design. Plus with fewer parts and an easy install that doesn’t require a professional, this innovative and streamline trampoline is a lot more affordable.



A quality made trampoline can last for years. In-ground trampolines also offer hours of entertainment and a whole lot of fun for all ages. In addition, when compared to an above ground trampoline, an in-ground a lot more accessible for small children and drastically reduces injures.

When comparing the different types of in-ground trampolines, there are many options. Not only do they come in different sizes and shapes, but in-ground trampolines have numerous features. If you prefer a smaller trampoline, then the In-Ground Trampolines Standard is a great choice. However, if you have a large family, then the Berg Trampoline Inground Champion Oval 17ft with Safety Enclosure Net Deluxe is a good option. In addition, the JUMP POWER In-ground Rectangular Trampoline and the Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline are mid-range in size and be for small or larger families.

Regardless of which in-ground trampoline you select, they are all top quality and will provide years of home entertainment and fun for your family and friends.