The leading trampoline brands for kids should have features involving safety, size, space, color, and fun. The key features should include covered springs or cords that are sturdy, a safe and comfortable netting that will keep kids safe, and finally a sturdy frame.

Parents are getting children involved in both indoor and outdoor trampolines to help dissuade them from too much internet use. Trampoline toys should always be watched over by parents or guardians, especially when a child is a neophyte on their bouncing, tumbling, and jumping.

The more safety features that a trampoline has, the safer they are to use by kids ages 3 to 7 or 8. The statistics for trampoline play for kids is not favorable, but their use is very beneficial for a child’s health. Many therapeutic centers use a trampoline to help condition kids who have physical disabilities.

The bouncing and jumping are a great form of exercise even without their knowledge. They are receiving a fun aerobic workout while also helping them burn off all that physical and mental pent-up energy and so much more.

Trampolines for kids are designed with innovative features. As your child learns how to use it properly, you can invest in larger trampolines for the whole family. Who knows, the introduction of a trampoline to your child could lead them to the Olympics or other world stage performances. You never know!

Trampolines aren’t just fun for kids and toddlers, but they also keep the human body exercised and well-conditioned within its circulatory system like keeping the heart functioning properly. Below are recommendations for the best in mini trampolines that are approved and which have proven to have the best safety features.

Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The Skywalker Company is a recognized name in sports equipment for all members of the family. For over 16 years this brand name has proven to provide individuals with safety and fun. Their trampoline family products are surprisingly easy to assemble as it remains very safe for jumpers of all ages to enjoy. To increase the fun with the Skywalker trampoline products for kids they have given fun names to their products. This trampoline is called the Zoo Adventure.

There is no surprise that in its design there are no steel or aluminum springs. Instead, connections are made with extremely durable “stretch bands.” If a trampoline with springs is not constructed well, it will result in a multitude of injuries. However, with this Skywalker Mini Trampoline, the elastic bands are situated outside the trampoline for safety features personified for kids of all ages.

This indoor red and blue hexagon-shaped mini trampoline for kids (ages 3 to 7) with its enclosed net mesh that does not allow any gaps to form while the kids are jumping around in fun and glee. This 48 inch round trampoline is designed with a 360° heavily padded handlebar which serves a dual purpose which is to keep kids safe and to stabilize the trampoline.

The Skywalker Mini is available in fun colors with playful graphics. A great feature that parents will like is that kids can’t accidentally crawl beneath the trampoline especially if it is being used. This feature eliminates the possibility that they could follow a toy and get stuck. I told you that Skywalker has thought of everything in its trampoline designs.

Additional features include its wide base design that keeps the trampoline upright even when it is being jumped on and rolled upon. Its jumping mat is a polypropylene material that has proven to be used in sports tools even by professionals.

• The whole trampoline is a safety entertainment tool
• Lightweight at 100 pounds but sturdy
• Designed with a sturdy base
• Designed colorfully

• It is not weatherproof
• Monitor so that big kids don’t use it, only designed for the wee ones

Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The Skywalker Mini 40” Round Lily Pad Trampoline with enclosed netting is great for kids ages 3 to 6. It is suggested that no more than 2 little tots should play at a time on this sturdy bouncing fun product. This blue, green, and yellow trampoline with fun designs will keep your kids playing for hours (under supervision).

Parents will be happy with its soft yet durable mesh enclosure. The enclosure will keep the kids safe if they bump against it while jumping around in fun. The mesh enclosure is also designed to protect the kids from falling off the jumping mat.

An additional safety feature is that there are no steel springs like those in adult trampolines. To keep kids safe Skywalker manufactured the trampoline with lots of durable and sturdy stretch cords. Of course, the stretch bands/cords are located away from the kids which you will see when you assemble it.

A padded 360° grip bar encircles the trampoline so that the kids can grab hold of it and pull upwards for balance after they have fallen down with laughter. The grip bar is also designed to keep the trampoline well-balanced.

Its jumping mat bounces just enough to give the kids a thrill. The mat will not hit the floor surface as your child and a friend squeal and jump for hours in full safety. The mat is made from a material that will last for years.

This trampoline will fit comfortably in a small area of a playroom for the kids. There is no crawl space beneath the trampoline to keep kids and pets safe. For safety and fun, this small-sized indoor trampoline is the perfect fun toy for your kids.

• Weight allowance – 100 pounds
• Mesh netting will not gap to help keep kids safe
• Tall enough so kids can’t jump out

• It is not weatherproofed
• Can’t be used by older kids

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline is going to be your child’s favorite toy. This trampoline gives a toddler the right type of bouncing they need to keep them safe without any injuries. The bouncing ability it provides is for low-impact jumping. Little Tikes 3 Foot Trampoline can be assembled easily and it will fit into any room of your room.

It folds up easily to take with the family when you visit grandma and grandpa. Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline is functional, fun, and convenient. This trampoline by Little Tikes is designed for 1 child at a time. It can hold a weight of up to 55 pounds. It is made of sturdy blue frame cover and a red/black handlebar with steel legs covered by thick plastic. Parents must be warned that when you want your child to come and eat you may get resistance because they will not want to stop bouncing and jumping.

• Easy to assemble
• Jumping mat and frame is wide with no gaps
• Flexible cords that serve as springs

• Instructions could be challenging

Merax 36″ Kid’s Mini Exercise Trampoline Portable Trampoline

At a weight of 180 pounds, this Merax 36” trampoline is available in the colorful hues of pink, blue, or green. Kids ages kids 4 to 12 years of age can enjoy the bounciness of this trampoline in safety. A lightweight adult can borrow it in a pinch but should not use it daily. A nice small kids’ trampoline (36 x 36 x 32 inches) is very heavy duty, meaning it will last for years as long as it is kept indoors as it is intended.

Because an older child can play and practice on this trampoline, steel springs are used in its design. The springs allow the trampoline to be set 10 inches from the floor and allows a weight of up to 180 pounds. The Merax trampoline features an optional handlebar that is recommended for use by a child. I’d like to say that the handlebar helps to balance this trampoline, but a child or an adult should not lean on the handles or it may cause a tipping event.

As a mature looking trampoline, it is best not to leave it outdoors because it is not designed with a weather-resistant mat, springs, or mesh. Just looking at this Merax trampoline tells you that it is portable and is easy to assemble. Without an enclosed mesh netting, this trampoline style is best used by experienced kids especially if you choose to affix its handlebar. Its additional measurement includes a total weight of 18 pounds and the height between the mat and the handlebar is around 24 inches. This means that with a handlebar it is heightened best for children and not adults.

• Mom and child can use it
• Portable though not foldable
• Can last for years

• Occasional use by adults
• Best used indoors not outdoors

Mini Trampoline with Handle Bar for Toddlers by Skybound

Children ages 3 to 6 will thoroughly love jumping and bouncing on this Skybound Mini Trampoline. Its 40-inch diameter holds a total weight of 100 pounds. As an indoor trampoline, this Skybound Mini Trampoline is easy to assemble and is made of strong quality material.

The trampoline features feet made of sturdy rubber which hold fast when kids are bouncing up and down on a daily basis, both for use indoors and outdoors. Parents prefer to use this trampoline in a room inside the house, but its UV-resistant vinyl safety jumping pad makes it easy to use outdoors.

The feet also assures parents of its ability not to scratch any floor surface. Speaking of jumping and bouncing, its thick PVC foam floor mat will remain intact and stable for a long time without any gaps.

An ergonomically designed handlebar is an easy feature for kids to hold onto for better balance. This trampoline will fit in any size room and provides the safety features that every parent wants for their child on this type of jumping and bouncing toy.

Its thickly padded handles will save your children’s hands as they play and jump for hours due to its padded inserts. The Skybound 40” trampoline is an attractive toy for kids because its 360° safety pads are available in designs of circles, clouds, and polka dots. Its sturdy frame (40 x 40 x 31 inches) is designed to resist rust and is weather-resistant.

Foam pads help to prevent injuries
Approved by U.S ASTM Trampoline Safety Requirements
UV solar resistant

Assembly instructions were not always clear
The handlebar is too low for certain aged kids

The Original Toy Company Fold and Go Trampoline

How convenient is a fold and go trampoline? The Original Toy Company has designed amazing features in its trampoline line, especially for your child. At 36 inches in diameter, this trampoline is great for your 3-year old baby because it can hold a weight of 150 pounds. Its total weight is only 18 pounds. For a mini trampoline, its weight is the largest in the mini category.

Bouncing on this great fun toy is enhanced due to its many features like the sturdy stretch bands instead of springs, its six legs for balance, a sturdy mat to hold up your toddler, its strong handlebars for safety, and a blue padded frame cover. This Original Toy Company trampoline is very compact and can be assembled within a few minutes.

As an indoor trampoline, your kids will squeal with delight with this circular, well-padded mini-trampoline. Kids can enjoy this toy for years, preferably only up to age 7 where you can probably remove the handlebar. For convenience, simply fold it up and take it with the family when you visit grandma’s house.

It is approved as 100% safe by the government’s ASTM Safety Standard. Parents are using mini trampoline like this one to teach their children to balance, coordination, confidence, and other skills they need as they grow.

• A great workout toy to help improve heart and body health
• Is very mobile
• Features great safety designs

• Is not weather-resistant

Sportspower My First Trampoline

What an amazing looking hexagonal trampoline design! The SportsPower My First Trampoline is a sturdy well-designed toy that can handle all the jumping and bouncing that children up to age 7 can have fun on. SportsPower carries a reputation for creating smart, safe products for both indoors and outdoors.

My First Trampoline is built to keep your toddlers safe while they are playing. Heavy-duty and thickly padded springs help to make your child’s jumping and bouncy experience a lot more springy, fun, and safe. My First Trampoline gives your child a lot of room to jump with its 84” diameter surface and close to 7 feet of jumping mat surface.

This trampoline is only a foot off the ground but the sturdy mat that your toddler will use to bounce upon will never touch the floor or the ground if you are outdoors. Its height to keep kids safe is close to 7 feet. My First Trampoline can handle body weights up to 220 pounds which means an older child could use this fun trampoline.

The diameter surface of this trampoline is best used by either 1 or 2 children, but no more to keep everyone safe. My First Trampoline also features 6 heavily padded lime green plastic tubes that are covering durable steel legs that also features an extension that rounds off at the top. Its blue mesh netting can keep children safe as they bump into it while jumping around.

Parents will enjoy the entry and exit point which is a zippered door on the side of the net which can open and close easily. Also, for outdoor use, its material is treated to stand up to UV rays, plus it is coated for weather-proofing.

• Designed with high-quality material
• Will not rip or sag with continued use
• Very affordable

• Assembly may be challenging

Trampoline Endnote

Mini indoor trampolines are a space-saver for kids to have a howling good time for hours. As stated in the introduction, not everyone supports securing a trampoline for kids. However, they provide many health benefits. Their safety features are very important but what is most important is the parental guidance that is required.

If your toddler enjoys a trampoline, secure one that is strictly for their weight and age. Tell your child that there will not be any flipping or other feats that they see on TV and think that they can perform.

Keep indoor trampolines on an even secure spatial area and keep outdoor trampolines also on level ground and away from plants, trees, furniture, etc. Then stand back and watch your children jump with joy and listen to their enthusiasm.

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