Rectangle Trampolines Help Give You That Feeling Of Flying And Safely So!

 The sport of trampolining was at one time introduced by Alaskan Innuits back in the early 1920s when they tossed dancers into the air from blankets made of blubber for the annual Whale Ceremonies. Observers shared this incredible activity soon after and primitive designs of trampolines soon appeared. These mechanisms became training tools for circus tumblers. Later, the US Navy used trampolines for aviator academy training and then the devices were utilized by astronauts for weightless training exercises into the early 1960s. 

 Trampolining was internationally recognized in 1964 and the popularity continued to grow from there. Trampolines were introduced into school gymnasiums as part of the gym-class activities and many of us that grew up in this era remember the thrill and anticipation of those days when the “tramp” was set up for Gym Class! 

 Over the years and with stricter industry standards in place, trampolines are safer than ever before, as this would be the case of the now very popular rectangle-designed models that give the user the highest bounce over the circular ones, for that really want to experience that extra height from a rectangular-shaped trampoline mat. 

 With this in mind, we list what are currently some of the best rectangle trampolines on the market and the features we enjoy and that may also as well: 

Upper Bounce 9’x 15′ Gymnastics Style Rectangle Trampoline Set With Premium Top-Ring Encloser

 We begin this tremendous trampoline lineup with the Upper Bounce as we think it is ideal for children and beginners! The price is right on this model, as it is one of the most inexpensive among the many high-ranking brands. The Upper Bounce is easy to set up and put away, which also makes it very convenient to transport for camping trips or general get-togethers. The jumping mat is of high-quality premium PP material with 8-row stitching. 

 Perhaps its best assets are its safety features that include a heavy-duty coated Black Steel along with the mat that is highly padded and that can support up to 500 pounds along with a fiber-flex safety enclosure. 

 We observed that those youngsters who were involved in the sport of tumbling found the Upper Bounce to be favorable for this activity, especially if just starting. To be frank, we think it’s ideal overall for young children interested in trampolining altogether and for those that simply yearn to experience what the excitement that a rectangle trampoline can bring more so often than a circular one in terms of height attainability overall. 

 Finally, the Upper Bounce is proving to be durable and this is good for children that will be working on their progress regarding balance and coordination that is vital when entering their teen years and even into young adulthood when they decide to add other physical activities into their daily training regimens. 

Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD With Enclosure

 We believe this product here gives you that honest to goodness bang for your buck in our lineup here. The Acon is designed for advanced trampoliners with its spacious 10′ by 17′ area for those that really wish to fly and air it out

 This high-level trampoline boasts optimized spring and mat dynamics with a renewed frame structure for maximum rigidity, along with galvanized steel pipes, 140 heavy-duty 10-inch springs and the mat has 10-row stitching. The Acon also has ground anchors and has no single-user weight limit. In fact, we’ve witnessed 4 adults jumping on the Acon at the same time as it has up to an 800 lb capacity. Thus among other things, this trampoline is more than adequate for social gatherings and parties to say the least! 

 When jumping on the mat it will give you a nice feeling of security when sport-trampolining or training in rigorous exercises involving gymnastics or cheerleading as just a couple of examples. For those of a certain high-level of trampolining overall, this provides absolute optimal conditions for front and backflips for indeed this model is truly bouncy! 

 Just a side note, we noticed that the Acon is also silent when using it vice many other brands that have the notable squeak from the spring tension when jumping on them. This is convenient if you live in a metropolitan or condensed neighborhood location with others in close proximity and would like to use it during the evening or early morning. 

Summit 14′ Rectangle Trampoline With Safety Enclosure

 The Summit brings back quite a few fond memories for us when we used to entertain our nephews and nieces when they were in their grade-school years and into their pre-teen ages. Competitively priced, easy to assemble and move about, the trampoline was an instant hit and very safe. 

 The safety features are typical industry-standard of a rectangle trampoline to include the surrounding enclosure net with zipper and the jumping mat has the UV protection material to keep from fading and tearing. Bonus is the spring protection that the mat provides to prevent weather damage and exposure. 

 When we entertained the visiting kids, we utilized a supervisory method of one adult observer at all times when the kids were in the trampoline. We allowed only 2 at a time max during birthday and holiday gatherings at our home. Sometimes smaller ones would go in and we would allow 3 in this case with more adult supervision, for the trampoline is very spacious as it is safe. 

 Following our swimming pool, we discovered that the Summit was a strong and popular second attraction for visitors during the spring and fall seasons before in between the warmer summer months! 

 However, and on a more serious note, it may be sometime before actual gatherings will be recommended and authorized due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19). But if and when this takes place, be assured that the Summit will be on hand as a true attraction for such events and more than likely some truly jubilant celebrations! 

JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce 10′ x 17′ Trampoline With Enclosure

 This monster of a trampoline is truly monstrous for all the fun you can have with it! Whether freely bouncing about on foot or sitting on a bouncy-ball, or even throwing down a thunderous tomahawk slam-dunk into the hoop on its 108 High-Performance black spring-laden patented Variablebounce mat, the AlleyOOP basically delivers tons of endless fun! 

 This rectangular model is loaded with high-grade quality material and plenty of safety features. These include a state of the art net enclosure with built-in Fail-Safe back up systems which contain a Patented overlapping doorway design. The safety net itself is rated up to 295 pounds, which is reportedly beyond industry standards. 

 The AlleyOOP also has convenient and safe resting areas for kids (young and young at heart) to break and wait for their turn. To top all that off, the trampoline has a Life Time Guarantee. We have friends who owned this model for 10 years now as their daughter began training in gymnastics. They inform us that it’s still in great shape and entertain jumpers to this day during the mild weather seasons. 

 Last year, we attended a high-school graduation party for some friends of ours who rented this model out for a backyard set that came with the tables and canopies, etc. To say that the AlleyOOP was a hit is putting it mildly. Coupled with modern music for the young adults blaring throughout the speakers all day, the AlleyOOP was considered more entertaining among the attendees than any local live cover-band or DJ!

 It’s our strong opinion that the AlleyOOP can be listed as one of the most durable trampoline-products out there on the market today as just another fine feature of a superb product. 

Skywalker Trampolines Rectangle Jump-N-Dunk Trampoline With Enclosure And Basketball Hoop

 The Skywalker is marvelously easy to assemble and is excellent for what it’s designed for and this would be rigorous gymnastic training and exercise regimens. It’s also spacious and roomy enough for children (8′ x 14′) to safely enjoy as well as they begin their journies into trampolining. 

 This trampoline’s rugged design features patented enclosure fastenings that prevent fall-throughs and from children getting into pinch points, along with 80 tightly coiled rust-resistant springs of steel. The unique rectangle shape is ideal for gymnastic and exercise regimens for smooth and controlled lift and landings! It also boasts angled and padded poles for added safety while jumping. 

 The Skywalker does provide anchors and we recommend utilizing these if all possible especially for those that live in places that have gusty breezes or high winds during stormy weather. 

Happy Trampoline-Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline With Net Enclosure

 If there was a Legendary or Cadillac class for trampolines out on the market today, the Xtreme would be most definitely on that level! To start, it is very spacious and roomy, and can easily and safely fit up to 4 youngsters at once. 

 It’s also quite sturdy with a 550 lb capacity with a top-notch frame made of 3.0 inch thick galvanized steel along with patented Rail Supports for added stability and durability. Endorsed by Olympic ski racer and medalist, Bode Miller, the Xtreme is not only powerful but truly enhanced with a huge array of safety features for a variety of users at any level. 

 Military aviators and divers also find that training on a trampoline is ideal to practice dealing within extreme conditions as both experience different situations of weightlessness and vertigo during maneuvers and operations. In our opinion, the Xtreme would most definitely fit these specific training needs by far! 

 The design is also so user-friendly that we received reports that very young children and seniors can enjoy it as well as those with minor hindrances recovering from injuries as a rehabilitation mechanism. 

 It’s very solid, sturdy and wind-proof in most cases. The safety highlights include the Patented Stay-put enclosure that is woven with high-grade polyester mesh, while the frame locks into the net itself for even more added security and solid foundation. 

 On top of all that, the Xtreme has a Life Time Guarantee and a customer service team that is available for pre-order and even after the purchase! 

JumpKing 10’x15′ Rectangular Trampoline and Enclosure Combo

 Nicely priced, we found this one really easy to assemble and move around (net weight is 100 lbs), thus the JumpKing is a hot seller for many reasons. It’s still large enough for a couple of kids to enjoy safely within the enclosure. The JumpKing is a wonderful addition to not only backyard barbeques or birthday parties, but camping trips as well. 

 It has the desired “creature-features” to include the galvanized steel frame, fully integrated enclosure system, the durable oversized pad, and 7-inch galvanized springs for a nice and smooth bounce. Additionally, it boasts the heavy-duty polyethylene netting with the Patented G3FRP surrounding on top of the netting. 

 On a side note, we have friends who somehow have trained their 2-year-old German Shepherd dog to jump on this model and sent us videos to back it up! It’s been reported that certain canine breeds do enjoy trampolines if trained properly and of course, with extreme safety precautions on hand for both the trainers and puppy. 

 It’s a lot of fun for a very reasonably priced product, we highly believe. 

JumpSport 10′ x 17′ StagedBounce

 JumpSport, the trampoline manufacturer, truly takes its products seriously and with quality in mind from what we’ve seen over the years. They set the standard for sporting trampolines for athletes and cheerleaders and the StageBounce model is no different in this regard. 

 Like the AlleyOOP, the StageBounce is also beginner and child-friendly safe. For example, you can train a young girl who wants to eventually become a gymnast, skater or cheerleader from middle school and onward with no real worries about safety as she progresses over the years. This is due to the rugged durability of StageBounce and its unique “sweet spot” landing zone that fits all levels of jumpers. 

 Although marketed for one practicing high-intensity athletic training regimens, this trampoline can easily and safely fit 3 young ones within for spacious jumping. Again did we mention that JumpSport manufactures take their lines seriously? They sure seem so, as they market their injury-reduction mat that includes a 10-year warranty along with the Unique Double-Truss Heavy-Duty frame made from cold-rolled steel! 

 To wit, the JumpSport is yet another one in our trampoline lineup here that is superb for birthday parties, barbeques and summer-time neighborhood gatherings for its spacious build and design. 

 Please note: with young ones now at home from school and athletic and training events canceled due to the pandemic, this trampoline could be a godsend for the family during the current nation-wide mitigation measures now in place. It’s also a nice stress reliever for those parents that do enjoy trampolining themselves, we have come to find over the years! 


 As you can see, there are many options out there regarding trampolines and the good news is that there are many fine products to choose from, if not for the fact it may take some time and decision making. 

 The eight items listed here are some of the finest on hand, we honestly believe. The demand for these products is truly high currently, and this is probably due to the self-distancing and self-quarantine guidelines and mitigation measures now on hand across the United States and the world because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. 

 This would make sense as trampolining provides many different avenues towards high levels of physical, mental and even emotional ideals overall. These eight trampolines listed can easily provide this and much more for a variety of individuals with various goals. 

 If nothing else, trampolining itself is just good old fashioned fun, as the blanket tossers back in the early 20th century can strongly attest. Rectangle designed trampolines just add to the enjoyment by many factors, we strongly believe. It’s rare air when you know something like trampolining can be so exhilarating. For one that craves that feeling of flying when leaping into one of these, we believe these products can provide that emotional and mental experience like few other activities

 Trampolines are hot sellers and understandably so, especially during these days of self-mitigation during a pandemic. Get them while their hot!. With that being said, you shouldn’t regret it when yours eventually arrives and then you and yours can experience that feeling of flight when jumping within a nice rectangle-designed trampoline. This is how we felt each time we ordered ours and the ensuing joy and memories these items eventually gave us, along with our family and friends!