The functionality of trampolines has gone from circus performers to children and now to adults. Trampolines for adults are not just fun for jumping around like a kid but they have proven to provide health benefits in the form of exercise. When you think of a trampoline for adults, naturally there are high weight limits. There are several brands that give adults the safety construction needed in its framework, its springs, padding, floor cloth material, netting, shape, size, and additional unique features.

The health benefits of using a trampoline several times a week are amazing. For example, there are cardio benefits, mass bone strengthening, less pressure on feet, legs, and joints, improves your balance, great for weight loss, and it cleanses the body from excess waste. In addition, you can exercise or play for longer periods on a trampoline than you would on a treadmill or jogging on a hard surface.

A trampoline for adults is beneficial for all, no matter what your exercise level is or what shape you are in. Adults do not need to jump on trampolines for hours at a time to see great changes in their mental and physical well-being. Once you invest in this great technology, you will wonder why you never considered it before now. It is just plain fun and fun exercise all in one.

Knowing the best trampoline for you will require a description of how they work and which ones will work best for you. Given their varied functions, trampolines are designed with varied shapes. More commonly are the round and rectangular formed trampolines. Let’s look at the following trampolines to help you make the right decision.

Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure

You get what you pay for! This is especially true when you are thinking about investing in the Acon Rectangular Air 16 Trampoline with a sturdy net enclosure and a ladder that is included. The quality of this adult-size trampoline is worth its price. The Acon Company has spent many years in bringing the best in high-flying sports equipment. So it is no surprise that Acon has designed the best in trampoline designs.

When you and the family are jumping up and down on this trampoline you definitely want the assurance that you have lots of mat space. The Acon Air 16 HD trampoline is just the size you need to feel confident in your landings. At a height of 10 x 17 feet high and a non-weight limit where you and the strength of The Rock could jump up and down, flip and perform pivot tricks in safety and durability.

The Acon Company has designed a rectangular marvel with its width of 15.5 inches in length, high-quality steel in its wide springs, and a well-galvanized frame. Additional advantages are its polypropylene mat flooring that is coated to withstand harsh sun rays and bad weather, all within its stretchable fabric design. The Acon Air 16 trampoline features a large bouncy surface, thick heavy-duty frame padding, four supports, and extra strong padded poles with enough give to keep you flying high.

This well-constructed trampoline will last for years even when left outdoors to be a part of you and your family’s backyard fun. Its high-quality mat, pads, metal parts, mesh netting and more are all designed to be weather friendly with non-rust parts and moisture-proof material.

o will last for years
o rust-free coating
o more than 100 sq. ft. of bouncing surface

o arrives in about 3 different boxes
o Assembly may be a challenge

Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

The Happy Trampoline Company is just what its name implies. You will be happy with any one of its round, rectangular, or octagon trampolines. They specialize in creating trampolines for Olympians, gyms, entertainment centers, and residential backyards. They have been in business for more than 23 years. One of their great trampolines is amazing. If you were looking down from above at the Galactic Xtreme rectangle trampoline, it would appear as a mini tennis court.

Happy Trampoline has done it again by making one of the largest trampolines for adults and others. Holding a weight of 550lbs, this high-quality, heavy-duty, “funercise” trampoline invites you to jump, twist, run, and perform a variety of aerobic exercises like the Cirque Du Soleil.

This professional trampoline comes in varied sizes with the largest size designed in a 10 x 23 feet steel frame which is more than any other trampoline manufacturer. Its sturdy design makes it a family affair where family members could have hours of fun and cardio exercise. The Galactic Xtreme comes equipped with a safety ladder and an enclosure net made from polyester mesh, the strongest on the market.

If you happen to jump and fall against its encircled mesh net, you will be comfortably supported because of its shock-absorbing, padded, cushioned commercial grade frame and sturdy poles that will not give, but provide just enough flexibility for hours of fun. Happy trampolines are also available in sizes that range from small to large all with strong legs and an interlocking framework, all with family fun and professional usage involved.

o lots of room for several people at once
o easy to assemble
o high off the ground

o slightly pricey (but so worth it)
o instructions could be clearer

Exacme Outdoor Trampoline with Basketball Hoop

How is it possible that this economically priced quality trampoline features a basketball hoop. Yet, the outdoor Exacme round trampoline comes equipped with an orange hoop attachment and yes a basketball is included. Don’t let its price fool you into thinking that the Exacme trampoline is anything but strong, safe, higher weight, and roomy for bounce-ready.

This outdoor trampoline is made with non-corrosive steel, padded poles, heavily gauged galvanized springs, waterproof pad covers, blue fade-resistant material, and a polyethylene enclosure net that surrounds the trampoline in a tightly woven mesh. An additional safety feature for adults, teens, and kids include a non-slip blue jump mat and a sturdy ladder.

Let’s not forget the great basketball feature. The hoop is designed with a thick sturdy layer of padding. It has a diameter of 7” and a sizeable back panel that is colored orange. The waterproof jumping mat material is designed from an FDA approved polypropylene which is flexible and is one of the strongest bouncy materials made for trampolines. The Exacme trampoline weight limit is from 225 lbs. to 395 lbs. which means that at this weight capacity, adults can practice their hoop shots with quality strength.

The Exacme Company is new to the field of adult trampoline manufacturing but they are giving their competitors a run for their money. The Exacme trampoline brand features varying size trampolines that will fit into any sized outdoor space. You can also choose from an Exacme trampoline height measuring between 8 feet to 16 feet depending on which size trampoline you chose.

o high quality in any type of weather
o accommodates 3 adults
o reliable safety features

o the owner must be knowledgeable about fastening springs or else it will fold
o installation instructions are not easy to understand

Zupapa TUV Approved Trampoline

The heavy-duty Zupapa trampoline is rounded and is designed with a unique sturdy frame which is an important safety feature. This trampoline includes bundled and clamped poles and wind stake leg attachments that prevent the trampoline from becoming twisted while remaining strong and firmly planted on the ground. Zupapa trampolines are available in different height and weight sizes to accommodate adults and kids as follows:

o 10 ft = 330 lbs; 104 inches in size; height is 8.5 ft.
o 12 ft = 330 lbs; 125 inches in size; height is 8.8 ft.
o 14 ft = 330 lbs; 148 inches in size; height is 8.8 ft.
o 15 ft = 375 lbs; 159 inches in size; height is 8.8 ft.

If you worry about people bouncing and jumping whereby a gap could form between the poles and mat, have no fear with the Zupapa trampoline. The Zupapa trampoline is your guarantee that there will be no open spaces formed that could cause injury to the kids and adults. It is because of its well-designed features like the blue and green grip-like padding around the perimeter, its sturdy springs, and a bouncy surface that is designed to prevent a gap between its structure.

Additional features include its sturdy net enclosure with a reinforced rim and a padded two-step ladder that leads to an environment of jumping and bouncing fun. When the adults want to get their bouncy trampoline groove on, this mid-range trampoline is an investment in strength, safety, and fun. This well-designed trampoline can remain outdoors with its UV protective mat, rust-resistant, and its water-resistant protective steel frame.

o TUV certified
o Lasts for years
o Gapless technology

o Assemble with care. If not, springs or other parts will become loosened

Endnote Trampolines

The use of trampoline equipment is safe and they have great benefits for adults. As noted above, your trampoline style can include a round or rectangular surface without a net or a trampoline designed with a full circled tightly woven mesh net for safety.

When looking for a trampoline you will notice that there are two types of an enclosed net feature. Some trampolines have their nets affixed from the inside which keeps individuals from bouncing onto the springs or the frames. Other trampolines feature nets that are attached to the outside of the frame which helps to provide more mat space.

If you are a neophyte “trampoleener” remember don’t try to perform Olympic style tricks on your first couple of experiences. Take your time and bounce up and down several times to get the feel and balance of a trampoline. Even if you don’t use any other techniques, just this simple movement will still be full of fun and smiles. Trampolines have a partnership with mankind since its use has been traced to the early history of ancient civilizations.

Today, trampolines are used recreationally, for rehabilitation, for military and sports training, and much more. When you invest in trampolines with surround netting, you are encapsulated within an environment that is strong, safe, and confidence.

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