Top 8 Trampolines For Tricks

When your child gets his or her first trampoline the very first thing they will want to try is doing some different jumps and tricks. They will try to see how high they can jump and compete with others to see who can jump the highest. Some of the most popular tricks that children can do on trampolines include front flips, backflips, spins, and other creative moves.

There are endless tricks that your kids can try. They will be sure to create their own tricks and show off to all their friends. Trying out new jumps and tricks will be some of the most fun that your kids can have. They will spend hours and hours exercising while trying to perfect their new moves. Here are some of the best trampolines for those who want optimal performance while trying out new jumps and tricks.

1. Acon Trampoline

If your children are naturally athletic and are looking for an ideal trampoline to help them get optimal bounce and performance you should highly consider getting the Acon trampoline. This trampoline is different from most trampolines because it features a rectangular jumping mat. This mat measures 10 feet by 17 feet. The shape of this trampoline makes it ideal for learning new jumps and tricks. Traditional round trampolines do not provide enough jumping room to do multiple jumps and tricks at one time. You are often limited to doing one at a time. This trampoline, however, is much different. It provides the perfect area to do multiple jumps and tricks at one time. You can start on one end and comfortably make your way to the other end without fear of falling off or running out of the room.


 The height of this trampoline is 40 inches off the ground so it provides additional space under the trampoline to get more jump before you touch the ground. It features 140 springs which give jumpers the perfect amount of bounce with every jump. The jumping mat is high quality and gives even advanced users a bounce that they will be impressed by. The sturdy frame of this trampoline helps ensure a steady bounce for all jumpers, no matter how high they may get.

2. Zupapa Trampoline

The Zupapa trampoline is a great option for those wanting a trampoline with optimal bounce that is ideal for jumps and flips. This trampoline comes in different sizes, however, if your kids are looking for a trampoline to do jumps and tricks on you should consider getting the largest trampoline possible. The 15 foot round trampoline is ideal because it allows for more room to do your jumps and flips on. Your children can have enough space to jump high and try out all the new tricks they want on a trampoline of this size. This trampoline features an amazing jumping mat that has a bounce better than most trampolines. The mat is UV resistant so the fibers in the mat will not wear down over time. Rather, they will stay strong and give you optimal bounce for years no matter what the weather may be like.


 To help ensure your stability and security during these new moves the trampoline also features wind stakes that help keep the trampoline secure on the ground. It is likely no surprise that when you try new tricks you are bound to fall. The security net, wind stakes, and design of this trampoline help keep it secure to the ground even if you do fall and bounce off the net.

3. SkyBound Stratos Trampoline

This trampoline is ideal for advanced jumpers who want extra bounce in each jump. This trampoline comes in different size variations, however, if your children are looking to try out tricks and high jumps you should get the larger 15-foot diameter trampoline. This larger size has more springs that can provide a better bounce each time you jump. The more springs the trampoline has the better the jump typically is. This trampoline is ideal for jumps and tricks because it is made of high-quality materials that are perfect for the superior jumping mat that you get.


 To help keep your children and you safe while you jump high and try out these new tricks this trampoline features the enclosure net with an additional level of security. It includes a top ring around the net to keep the net taut and in place. It can help your children feel more secure while they jump and try out their new tricks. This added confidence can help them land an amazing trick that they would only have the confidence to try on this trampoline.

4. Springfree Trampoline

There is no other trampoline like the Springfree trampoline on the market. This unique trampoline is one of the ideal trampolines you can get for people of all ages who want to try out new jumps and tricks. This trampoline is different from all others because rather than using hard metal springs to provide a bounce it eliminates the need for dangerous springs. This trampoline instead uses a new technology that allows all jumpers to get a better bounce every time. It raises the jumping mat above the Springfree material. This helps elevate jumpers higher above the ground so that they have more power when they go to jump. You do not have to worry about hitting the ground on this extra bouncy trampoline.


 This trampoline places the frame underneath the jumping surface so that jumpers can jump for hours and never have to worry about falling on a hard surface and getting hurt. This trampoline also contains a flexible but strong safety net to help keep everyone safe while jumping and trying new tricks. This enclosure helps jumpers feel more secure when they try out front flips, backflips, and other even more experienced tricks.

5. Happy Trampoline- Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Rectangle Trampoline

This trampoline is the ideal trampoline for future gymnasts and athletes. This rectangular trampoline is unlike other trampolines on the market, not only because of its shape but also because of its superior bounce. This trampoline is 10 feet by 20 feet to help give jumpers an even larger area to try out new trick sand jumps. Your kids of all ages will have fun bouncing and jumping from one side of the trampoline to the other without running out of jumping areas. For more advanced jumpers this trampoline is very similar to a real gymnasium. It provides a large amount of space and gives jumpers the optimal amount of bounce.


 This trampoline is designed for both commercial and residential use. It has high-quality materials to ensure that it will last. The fibers and strength of the jumping mat should last for years and years to ensure that your kids are able to master their new tricks and show off to all their friends. This trampoline includes 140 heavy-duty springs that help to provide an ideal bounce. Jumpers will be sure to jump higher and further each time they jump on this unique trampoline.

6. JumpSport AlleyOOP Variable Bounce 10x17 Trampoline

This rectangular trampoline features over 50 different patents that help to make this trampoline a one of a kind experience. This trampoline measures 10 feet by 17 feet to give jumpers the ideal amount of space to work out their new moves. The rectangular design is different from the traditional circular design because it allows a more even space for more advanced moves. Unlike circular trampolines that are great for just bouncing, these rectangular trampolines are perfect for advanced users who really want to improve upon their jumping skills.


 This trampoline features 108 springs to help give a great bounce. In addition to this large number of springs, this trampoline also includes a variable bounce patented technology. This technology provides jumpers with a low impact jump with a superior bounce. You can jump for hours without feeling sore or causing damage to your joints. If you are looking for an ideal bounce this may be the perfect trampoline for you and your growing children.

7. Upper Bounce Gymnastics Style Rectangular Trampoline Set

This trampoline is similar to the style of trampolines that you will find in some of the most elite gymnasiums all over the country. This trampoline measures 9 feet by 15 feet. It is shaped like a rectangle to increase the area in which kids have to try out their new skills. They can safely jump from one side of the trampoline to the other and not worry about running out of space. This trampoline provides the perfect place to try out several tricks in a row. If your child desires to be a professional athlete or gymnast you may want to invest in this trampoline.


 This trampoline is called Upper Bounce for a reason. It provides one of the best bounces on the market. The incredible jumping mat is made from premium PP mesh material with strong stitches to help improve the bounce that you get every time you jump. This material does not wear down over time and is sure to last for years with the same amazing bounce. It includes galvanized springs that help to improve the bounce of this trampoline and support large weights at one time.

8. Skywalker Trampoline

This traditional style trampoline may look like other trampolines, however, it has more bounce and strength than most other trampolines that you can find. It measures 15 feet in diameter to provide an ideal jumping area for new tricks and jumps. This round trampoline shape is great for jumpers who want to try out static jumps and flips. If your child is interested in showing off and impressing their friends and family this may be the perfect trampoline to do so. They can jump for hours on this impressive trampoline and try to beat their new records every time.

 This trampoline uses 96 steel springs to help improve the already amazing bounce. This is an unheard number of springs for a round trampoline, which helps make it one of the best and bounciest trampolines. The design of this trampoline and the enclosure net help children of all ages feel more secure when trying out new tricks and jumps. New tricks take a lot of courage but this improved safety net helps reassure your children that they will be safe while they try.

 One of the best things about having a trampoline is the ability for children to have fun and try out their new jumps and tricks. Every kid, no matter their age, wants to be able to jump higher than all other kids and have more tricks than other kids do. Trampolines are a great way to encourage competition and exercise.

 To help kids socialize, participate in friendly competition, and improve their athletic ability investing in trampolines with a superior bounce is essential. All of these trampolines have safety features to keep your kids safe and help them build their confidence as they jump higher and farther. If you want to promote your child’s athletic ability and encourage them to try out their passion as a gymnast you should highly consider investing in one of these amazing trampolines.