Trampolines are the perfect thing to keep those children busy for a while, but we adults can enjoy them too. They are a great way to get rid of any extra pounds, and they do not put as much strain on your muscles as running does. 

 Trampolines are a great thing to do outside, meaning it is great for getting out in the sun while having fun. We enjoy finding the kid in ourselves when we join our children out on the trampoline. 

 There are many different kinds of trampolines that can be bought, and there are some things that have to be kept in mind when it comes to picking out the right one to buy. We have broken down some of the most popular and best picks that can be found on the market. Some of these include the size of the trampoline and how well it bounces.

JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce 10’x17’ Trampoline with Enclosure

 This trampoline is perfect for people who are overly worried about protection. That does not mean it is still not fun. It just means there is no need to worry about anyone who is using this trampoline will get hurt while using it. 

 Now, the safety measures can be removed if they are not wanted, but they do a lot to protect whoever is using the trampoline. This trampoline comes with high-performance springs that allow for the best bounce possible. 

 The springs come with a five-year warranty. There are a total of one hundred eight springs on this trampoline, which helps to spread out the shock from jumping and make it less on the person who is jumping. 

 The VariableBounce technology built into this trampoline helps to absorb any shock as you are bouncing. This is achieved through the use of triangular-shaped rings that the springs are hooked onto. 

 The doorway that is built into the net that goes around this trampoline is one that your kids and you will never forget. Instead of the normal zipper closer, this trampoline is made with overlapping sides, which gives a complete closer all around the trampoline. 

 The net around this trampoline is included as a fail-safe. This helps to prevent anyone from falling out if they were to bounce the wrong way. The mat of the trampoline can withstand up to two hundred ninety-five pounds of weight at one time. 

 This amount of weight exceeds the impact of performance test standards that are put on trampolines. Another safety measure on this trampoline is that there are small little rest zones where the children or yourself can sit and wait for the time to jump. 

 These spots are off of the mat, which means that anyone sitting there will not be jostled badly while someone else is jumping. The spots are padded with thick pads that protect the person sitting there from the springs and holds that are situated underneath the resting spots.

Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with Enclosure

 This trampoline is made for the best bouncing experience. This is accomplished through the different parts that make it up. The frame on this trampoline is made to be very heavy duty, which means it can withstand the constant strain the trampoline is put through. 

 The structure is made rigid and is a sixteen sport HD, which means it is built to withstand a lot of abuse. While the HD frame helps to keep the trampoline sturdy under a lot of use, it also makes sure there is no compromise to the momentum of jumping. 

 There are anchors to keep the trampoline grounded in the case of high wind situations. This means it can be used in a wider range of areas that might experience storms. There is also a spring puller included that makes it easier to assemble the trampoline. 

 While most trampolines come with a lot of springs, they might not be built to use the springs to their fullest. This trampoline does though by making sure there is just enough set in just the right spots to provide the best bounce. 

 The bounce on this trampoline is helped by the HD Synergy Design. This means the springs are connected to the mat of the trampoline using triangular-shaped rings. The new design to the whole trampoline is black, which gives it a more sleek, classic, and elegant appearance. 

 There is just enough blue though to add some pop of color and break up all the black. The trampoline comes with a safety net that prevents anyone from falling off while they are jumping. 

 The door to the net is made so that this protection created by the net is complete all around. This is accomplished because the door on the let is made by overlapping two sides of the net. 

 The trampoline comes with a pad that sits over the area where the springs are located. This prevents people from falling through the holes in between the springs. 

SkyBound Stratos 12 14 15 Foot Trampoline with Updated Safety Net & Top Ring

 This trampoline is a circular shape, which means it is easier to fit into much smaller spaces. It is still a decent size though, which means there is plenty of room for kids to jump and have fun. The net that comes on this trampoline is concave in shape. 

 This helps to prevent anyone from falling out while they are jumping. The net is made to be UV resistant, which helps keep anyone on the trampoline cool but also prevent them from getting burned. 

 The design of this trampoline means it can be set up fully in a timely manner, which means it can be used much faster. The coating that is on this trampoline’s frame helps to prevent it from rusting for a longer period of time. 

 Even with this paint helping to protect the trampoline’s frame, it also comes with a ten-year warranty. Even with this trampoline’s round design, it has 84 different springs built into it. Each of these springs is coated with yellow zinc. 

 This helps to prevent them from rusting when exposed to the elements. The ASTM has extensively tested this trampoline and proven that it is completely safe and meets all of the requirements. 

 That also means there are no toxins what so ever used on this trampoline, making it completely safe for people to be around. The safety pads on this trampoline are covered in a sturdy vinyl that prevents them from wearing down too soon. 

 The sleek black coloring of this trampoline gives it a classic appearance that will not ruin the look of the yard. There is a small ring of yellow at the top and bottom of the net that makes it stand out a little and adds to the safety by making it easier to see. 

 The frame of this trampoline makes it durable enough to withstand up to one thousand pounds at a time, which means a lot of people can jump.

Happy Trampoline – Galactic Xtreme Gymnastic Outdoor Trampoline with Net Enclosure

 This trampoline comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and the springs. That means the mat and net are not covered by this warranty. The weight capacity for this trampoline is five hundred fifty pounds, which is a lot higher than a lot of other trampolines. 

 The frame of this trampoline is made out of galvanized three-millimeter steel. This steel is commercial grade and will withstand a lot of abuse and be able to stand up to the elements. 

 The frame is meant to be able to withstand a lot of jumping without it bending or breaking. This makes it great for kids and adults, but it also makes it great for someone who is an athlete and is using it for training. 

 There is a total of ninety-two springs on this trampoline, and each of them is nine inches in length. This means the trampoline has extra bounce. the springs are made to be much longer and thicker than the competitors, which means it has a far better jump quality than the competitors. 

 The trampoline comes with both a protective pad and a net. The pad goes over the springs on the trampoline to prevent anyone from getting caught in the holes created in between the springs. 

 The net that comes with the trampoline goes around the jumping mat and prevents people from bouncing off while having fun. The net closes using a zipper, which will have to be closed every time someone goes onto or off the trampoline. 

 The net is made out of polyester mesh that is of the highest grade and extremely strong to take abuse. The mat is made out of some of the best materials that are designed to make it last for twenty to thirty years even with taking abuse from constant jumping and damage from the weather. 

 It is made to be able to withstand snow and temperatures as low as the artic but also the desert sun. 

Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline 15ft with Premium Enclosure

 The frame of this trampoline is made out of galvanized steel, which means it will not rust no matter how much exposure it has to the elements. The springs are made out of the best materials, and there are fifteen point five pounds of load force pre-applied to them. 

 The protection pad that is made to go over the springs of this trampoline is made of thick foam, making it more padded. The pas is made to cover the springs to prevent any injuries. The mat on this trampoline is made out of polypropylene and is cross-sewn. 

 There is a total of ten rows of stitching on this trampoline’s mat. This makes it high quality and able to withstand abuse from the weather and UV light. The company that has made this trampoline has perfected over the years the way to use the springs properly to get the best bounce results. 

 They have perfected the design and use of the springs in ratio to the trampoline mat in order to provide the best bounce. The pipes that make up this frame are much thicker in size in order to prevent them from bending and breaking under a lot of pressure and weight. 

 The diameter of the pipes used for the frame of this trampoline is two inches and the walls of the pipes are point zero eight inches thick. There is no set weight capacity when it comes to one person using the trampoline at a time, but it is advised to take caution when adding a lot of weight at a time to the mat. 

 There is a tool that helps to pull the springs for assembly included, making it much easier and quicker to assemble the trampoline and start using it. The net that comes with this trampoline is made out of high-grade materials to keep UV light out of the jumping area. 

 This means the people jumping on this trampoline will not get overly warm or sunburned.

Final Thoughts

 A trampoline is a great way to not only exercise but have fun while doing it. This makes it perfect for kids and adults. Now, there are things that have to be taken into consideration when picking out the right trampoline to buy.

 These things are easy to find though and almost all trampolines that are made and sold on the market nowadays are made with these things included. Some of these things include a net to prevent anyone from falling out and a pad to cover the spring area.

 The very first trampoline that was covered above is the recommended pick because of all the great qualities that it comes with. It is built to last and withstand a lot of abuse. 

 It also comes with many great features that add protection to the person using it. Now, this might be the most recommended on this list, but there are plenty to choose from on the market.

 The thing to keep in mind that the more features are wanted for the trampoline, the more money it is going to end up costing. A safe trampoline can be easily bought without spending a lot of money.