There are a lot of health benefits that come with using a Trampoline, meaning that they are a worthwhile investment. There have even been studies done to prove that trampolines have the potential to help with speech development.

For parents, it can be hard to find entertaining ways to keep kids active without involving some sort of electronic device. Yes, the Wii has been great at help kids stay active while they play video games, but kids are still attached to a video game while playing. With trampolines parents get to see their kids being active, get free time to do other things, and they can finally get their kid tired enough for a nap.

We have put together a comprehensive list that will help you choose the right trampoline for you and your little one(s).

Original Toy Company Fold & Go

Height 36 inches

Weight 150 pounds

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline is by far the best trampoline on the market. This trampoline is very easy to fold, and that makes it perfect for being an indoor or outdoor toy!

The company that created this toy has a support team that is always ready to answer any questions you may have concerning the toy.


•Folds Easily (Easy to Store)

•Great Height and Weight Limits

•Built To Last

•Handlebar Helps Ensure Safety

•Easy To Put Together


•Strong Plastic Smell When First Using

•Disassembling Takes More Time Than You Would Hope

Is This Right For Your Little One(s)?

This trampoline is amazing simply because it can handle the weight of an older kid. The suggestion of the company is to not go beyond 5 years, but that is just a suggestion. This trampoline can handle as much as 150 pounds, so it can handle the older kids as well.

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Weight 55 pounds

Height 36 inches

The Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is rated as being one of the best around. Kids all around the world have been going crazy about this trampoline. This mini trampoline gives your kids the chance to have fun no matter what the weather is like outside.

The Little Tikes company has been behind the creation of toys for decades now, and they certainly know how to make fun toys. This trampoline also comes with a safety bar that is intended to keep your children happy and safe while they play.


•Easy to assemble Assembly Is Very Easy

•There Are No Springs (reducing the risk of injury)

•Sturdy Frame


•Foam Can Be A Choking Hazard

•Is Not Easy To Store

•Tends To Slide During Jumping Sessions

Is This Right For Your Little One(s)?

The Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline seems to be a really great toy that has left many customers satisfied. Unfortunately, it does come with its faults: the foam for the handlebar seems to act as a choking hazard and the toy tends to slide around when kids are playing on it.

Gymenist Portable & Foldable Trampoline

Height 36 inches

Weight 150 pounds

The Gymenist Portable & Foldable Trampoline has been a lifesaver for many parents. There are a lot of great features to love with this toy. One of those great features is the handlebar that will help in keeping your little one(s) balanced while they are jumping. Another of those great features is the foldability of this trampoline. Parents all over the world are having about how easy it is to pack up this toy.

Also, while your kids are having with this amazing toy you will get some much needed free time. Just be sure to keep an eye on little ones while they are using it.


•It Is Very Easy To Assemble

•Easy To Store

•Comes With A Convenient Storage Bag

•Comes With A 1 Year Warranty


•The Nylon Can Be Slippery

•The Straps Fray In Time

Is This Right For Your Little One(s)?

When trying to pick out the right trampoline for your little one(s) you might want to consider giving this one a try. It is loaded with many great features, and also comes with a price that is affordable for most parents. Of you have a child that is over the age of 3 who is under 150 pounds you might find that this trampoline suits your needs.

My First Trampoline 84″

Weight 100 pounds

Height 84 inches

This brand has gained popularity over the years in the trampoline world. You can find this trampoline in multiple stores, and there is a lot of talk going around about this product. The product was created to meet the highest safety standards, meaning that it is a trustworthy product. They have added strong galvanized steel poles to provide more stability. The springs that they have added to their design makes it so that children will feel safe, and will provide them with a softer bounce.

This product is intended to be used by kids who are between the ages of 3 and 10. So, it is perfect for children who are looking for a fun, safe first trampoline. This product is only intended to be used by one kid at a time, so make sure to keep that in mind before buying it. This trampoline can be used both indoors or outdoors, providing children with hours of entertainment.


•Safe To Use Inside Or Outside

•Strong, Sturdy Build

•Very Safe

•Safety Net Provided


•Cannot Leave Outside (can be damaged by the elements)

Is This Right For Your Little One(s)?

For those of you that are trying to find a safe trampoline that will provide hours of entertainment, this is the perfect product to go with. This trampoline is the perfect way to help your children expend all of their excess energy, and it provides you with some necessary free time.

Kangaroo’s 36″ Indoor Trampoline For Kids

Weight 150 pounds

Height 36 inches

You will find that this trampoline is quite similar to others that are meant for younger kids. This product was intended for use by children who are older than 3 years. The trampoline features a handlebar, as is common with the trampolines for younger children, to aid children while they are jumping.

Assembling this product is very easy and it doesn’t take as long as you might think it would. With this trampoline, you will see that they have incorporated bungee cords rather than springs.


•The Trampoline Is A Great Size

•This Model Can Be Used Both Inside And Outside

•It Is Easy To Assemble


•Parents Have Noticed Rust On The Bolts With Time

•Trampoline Tends To Tip Over If Kids Jump Like Crazy

Is This Right For Your Little One(s)?

As I said above, this trampoline is very similar to others you will find in the market for children. It comes with a good amount of great features such as the handlebar and a great weight limit. This is a trampoline that will provide your children with years of entertainment.

Benefits Of Handlebar Trampolines

Handlebar trampolines provide younger children with a safer way to play. They help a younger child learn how to properly jump on a trampoline while also making sure that they are safe doing it.


Handlebar trampolines do pose some risks. If your child is jumping they may smack their face on the bar. However, a lot of companies are making the bar a safe distance from the trampoline to prevent that and they are adding foam. Unfortunately, the foam may act as a choking hazard.

In Conclusion

Trampolines have been the number one choice of outdoor fun for many parents for years. They provide many hours of entertainment, provide children with much-needed exercise, and give kids a way to expend all of their excess energy. These mini trampolines are the perfect first trampoline for every kid!

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