Do you remember how much fun trampolines and bounce houses were as a kid? Any kid that had a bouncer was immediately popular and the go-to place to hang out and play during the long summer days. That’s still the case, but now bouncers are fun and safe.

Now manufacturers know that you care that your kids are having fun and getting plenty of exercise while also staying safe. With so many options it can be daunting picking the best one, so we compiled a list of the best, safest bouncers available. These bouncers will provide endless hours of fun for kids and peace of mind for you.

BouncePro Superdome Trampoline

The BouncePro has everything you could want from a trampoline. The brightly colored Superdome is a huge bouncer with multiple ways for your kids to play and created with safety in mind. Kids are kept safely in the center of the bouncer and get a fantastic smooth and superior bounce.

The Superdome is a huge inflatable trampoline designed with the safety of your children in mind. Made to provide your children with endless hours of outdoor fun. Whether your kids are jumping on the trampoline, using the climbing wall or exiting with the slide they will have a great time and you will know they will be safe.

The Superdome has an amazingly smooth bounce thanks to rust-resistant steel springs that connect to the frame. The frame itself is extremely safe and strong thanks to its unique double-level design.

An eight-foot trampoline jump mat is surrounded by an air cushion ring that not only provides bouncy fun for your kids and covers springs, but also keeps your kids towards the center of the trampoline for safety.

The enclosed mesh fence that surrounds the Superdome allows your kids to jump to their heart’s content without falling off the sides. It allows you to look in on them and make sure they are safe.

This bouncer is made with a durable UV resistant and puncture-resistant nylon material. The Superdome is built to be used by your kids for years.

Cloud 9 Mighty Bounce House

With Cloud 9, bounce houses don’t have to be just for birthday parties anymore. This beautiful pink bouncer lets your children live out their princess fantasies while costing you as little as most will pay for a single day of rental. Whether your kid wants to live in a castle, save the maiden, or simply rule their fantasy kingdom the Cloud 9 will allow them to get lost in their imagination.

Just about every child has dreamed about having an inflatable bouncy house for their birthday. The Cloud 9 Mighty Bounce House is the epitome of bouncy houses. It’s the type of bouncy house you imagine when you think of one. It has a bright pink princess castle design that your children are sure to love.

The Cloud 9 princess castle bouncy house is made to last and will hold up against even the rowdiest of kids play. It is constructed using 420D heavy-duty nylon and is fire-resistant and puncture-proof. It also meets all lab testing requirements for compliance with the Lead-Free Toys act.

While other bounce houses can be a pain to put up, the Cloud 9 inflates in about a minute so that your kids can be in their bouncing to their heart’s content in no time.

Once inflated the Cloud 9 offers your kids plenty of room to bounce around. The full structure measures 12 feet from front to back including the attached slide.

This bounce house comes with a bunch of extras to give your purchase a whole lot of extra value. A 110-120 volt electric blower is included for easy inflation. There are also instructions included that make set up easier. Ground steaks are also included so that you can securely set up your bounce house for safe play. If something does happen to your bounce house a tear patch kit is included with your purchase.

Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer

When you think of a bounce house you probably picture the big ones sitting in someone’s backyard. This bounce house, however, lets your kids bounce around inside and get exercise on rainy days or when they can’t go outside. This playhouse can sit in your kid’s playroom or bedroom without taking up a lot of extra space. Perfect for younger kids who may not be big enough to jump on a trampoline or with older kids in a big bounce house.

This inflatable playhouse is designed to last. It’s made out of incredibly durable latex so that your kids can jump around without damaging it. The highly durable material gives you the peace of mind that no matter how rowdy your kids get the bouncy house will hold up.

This is a small bouncy house that is perfect for indoor playtime for your kids. Its small design has dimensions of 68 ½” Long x 68 ½” Wide x 44” High. It weighs in at a small 19.1 lbs.

The inflatable floor reinforced side netting, and high walls give your young children the perfect area to bounce without you having to worry about them falling out and getting hurt.

This is the perfect bouncer for children ages 3-6 and has a max capacity of 2 children for a total of 120lbs.

Intex Jump-O-Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer

What young kid doesn’t dream of living in the days of kings and queens. Fighting deadly dragons or ruling a kingdom as a beautiful princess. The Jump-O-Lene Castle will let your children live out their royal fantasies without leaving their bedroom. A great bouncer that provides endless hours of fun and excitement is also a safe way to play. This bounce castle may be small, but it packs in unlimited ways for your kids to exercise their body and mind.

The inflatable bouncer castle is constructed of a thick, durable phthalate-free PVC material that can take anything your kids throw at it. The PVC makes it the perfect play area whether your kids are playing inside or out.

This castle bouncer is the perfect bouncer to let your children’s imagination run wild without taking up a lot of space in your home. Two kids age 2-6 can play in the bouncer that inflates to a size of 69” long x 69” wide x 53” high. The castle weighs in when inflated to an easy to manage 25 lbs.

As any parents know, one of the hardest parts of any playtime comes at the end. The cleanup. That’s why the castle bouncer was designed to be easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

Intex Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring

The Transparent Ring is the perfect indoor activity for your young children. Whether they are stuck inside because of rain or snow this bouncer gives them endless hours of fun while getting rid of that pent of energy children are notorious for.

Not only does it provide a safe space for them to play, but as they jump balls swirl around the top ring. Every bounce sends the brightly colored balls swirling around the ring. They can use their imagination to create games or contests with the balls that will keep them entertained.

The bouncer is equipped with a crawl-thru door the perfect size for your child to easily enter during playtime. Once they’re in there you can feel secure in the knowledge that they are playing safely thanks to the fully enclosed play area. The high transparent sidewalls let your children bounce around without falling out and provides you with the perfect view of them.

Once inflated the bouncer has a dimension of 71” x 34”. Its size makes it the perfect play place for children ages 3-6 and has a weight capacity of 120 lbs, just enough for two 60 lbs kids.

If anything happens the bouncer during the course of the play it comes with a repair patch.

Bounceland Bounce House Castle With Hoop Inflatable Bouncer

Generally, bouncers come in two flavors, indoor or outdoor use. The Bounceland Bounce House Castle, however, is a perfect size set up anywhere. This castle bouncer was designed with durability and safety in mind. Your children can get their exercise and stretch their imagination while you can look on through the transparent mesh walls.

Whether inside or outside your kids can jump, flip, and slide down the slide all while you can rest easy knowing they are safe and the bouncer will hold up to anything your kids can throw at it. Kids love bouncers and this is one of the highest quality bouncers on the market. Your kids will enjoy it for years to come.

The Bounceland Inflatable bouncer is extremely easy to set up. It inflates in less than two minutes using the included UL blower. Once inflated the bouncer has a size of 12’ long x 9’ wide x 7’ high.

The bouncer is made to withstand rough play and outdoor use. It is made of heavy-duty puncture proof material with a quadruple stitch. The PVC coated terylene and laminated oxford terylene material used for its construction makes sure that it will hold up under hard use.

This large bouncer has a 250lbs weight capacity and is the perfect play place for 3 children up to 80 lbs each.

BANZAI Mega Bounce Trampoline

One of the worst parts of old trampolines was the exposed springs and the inevitability that you would fall off. With the Mega Bounce Trampoline, you don’t have anything to worry about. It was built with safety in mind but doesn’t sacrifice fun. No springs. fully inflatable, and a high safety ring means your kids can play while you relax knowing even the most rambunctious kids will be safe.

The BANZA! Mega Bounce House is a great little bouncer perfect for your children to work out some of their pent up energy insides. It takes up very little room and is. still able to provide all of the fun of an outside trampoline indoors. When fully inflated this model has dimensions of 96” Long x 96” wide x 68” tall.

It’s not just designed to be small enough to go inside, however, it’s also made extremely durable to withstand anything your little tikes can throw at it. The BANZA! trampoline is made using a super-strong polypropylene jumping net the surrounds the play area. The knotting system keeps your kiddos in the jumping area while providing you with an unobstructed line of sight.

The high mesh ring completely surrounds the jumping area. The jumping area itself is made using a rubberized PVC material with a fabric cover. Your kiddos that the design provides a superior bounce, while you will feel good knowing that they won’t get her while playing.

Intex Jump-O-Lene (Boxing Ring)

If there is one thing kids love more than jumping it’s probably wrestling. You, however, worry that they are going to get hurt. With this inflatable boxing ring and gloves, your kids can finally safely copy their favorite wrestlers from the comfort of your home without the risk of black eyes or broken bones. Just let them go nuts, in a safe way.

When fully inflated the Intex boxing ring gives your kids plenty of room to recreate their favorite wrestling matches in a safe space. It’s dimensions come out to 89” wide x 89” long x 43.5 inches tall.

It’s the perfect boxing ring for children ages 5-7 with a max weight capacity of 123 lbs. That makes it the perfect size for two children to play safely in the ring. And, for added safety, while they may want to enter the ring like their heroes a crawl through the door has been added to make sure they have a safe way to start their play session. Even better, the sides are completely transparent so that you can watch all the action and make sure they are playing responsibly.

To make sure that they can trade punches and slaps safely two pairs of inflatable boxing gloves. You also get an added repair patch if it gets damaged during a play session.

Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer
This bouncer is a behemoth that still somehow fits inside your house. One of the biggest indoor bouncers on the market. The Big Ol Bouncer, at 7 feet, is just small enough to fit in a playroom or basement without sacrificing fun. Just because a bouncer is inside doesn’t mean it has to be tiny and this one is proof of that. Let your kids get rowdy inside or out. Rain or shine.

The Big Ol Bouncer was designed to be the perfect size for either indoor or outdoor use. It’s a great way for your children to play either inside or outside. Once fully inflated the Big Ol Bouncer reaches a size of 15’ deep x 12’ wide x 7’ high. The interior bouncer dimension, once inflated, is 119’’ x 115” and the bounce floor area alone is 12’ x 12’. Unlike most bouncers used indoors, the Big Ol Bouncer allows for several children to play at once. It has enough room for up to six children, over the age of 3, to play at once.

If you are looking for a safe bouncer for your kids you can take comfort knowing that it was developed to meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. This bouncer is designed with an exclusive high-strength x-weave as well as ultra-durable commercial vinyl.

Once set up and your kids playing in right around two minutes. Your kids can then use the safe slope side entrance to enter the bouncer and spend their day bouncing
With the included blower and a user manual and DVD, you can have the bouncer inflated and properly set up in around two minutes.

Action Air Bounce House

Kids have short attention spans. bouncers are great but eventually, your kid will move on. Well, unless you get the Action Air Bounce House. This bouncer includes so many ways to play that your kids will never get bored. Let them bounce, flip, play in the ball pit, or shoot some hoops. This is the only play place your kids will need.

The action air bounce house isn’t just a bouncer, it provides a host of extras to be a full play place for your kids and their friends. This bouncer includes an inflatable slide for an easy, safe exit. There is also an attached ball pit that includes 30 balls with your purchase. Finally, the bouncer includes its own inflatable basketball hoop for more ways for your kids to play.

When you are ready to set up the Action Air Bounce House the included blower can inflate the house and 5” x 5” jumping area completely in under three minutes. Then a max of three children with a max weight of 300 pounds total.

Three sides of safety netting keep your kids safely inside the bouncing area while allowing you to easily see what they are doing. When they are done and you are ready to tear the bouncer down it includes a storage net that you can use to store or take the bouncer with you.

Kids of all ages have always loved to bounce. Now, with the state of the world the way it currently is, bouncers, trampolines, and bounce houses are a safe and fun way to keep your children occupied without leaving the house or yard.

No longer do you have to worry about kids falling off their bouncers, scrapping their legs on exposed metal, or getting stuck. Bouncers and trampolines are made safer than they have ever been. Yet they are more fun and exciting than the bouncers of old.

These bouncers are some of the best on the market. If you have young kids a smaller inside bouncer is the perfect option. If, instead you have older kids or tweens one of the large outdoor bouncers can keep your kids active and entertained while making your backyard or basement the go-to hang out spot for all of their friends.