As summer approaches in 2020, now is the time to plan for water activities on the lakes, rivers, and beaches. Water sporting products are perfect solutions for families to explore the excitement and electrifying fun. Inflatable trampolines and bouncers are safe and feature step ladders, sturdy handles, and a step-by-step owner’s manual. We have optional attachments to create an amusing water park.

 Some of the most popular name brands include Rave Sports, Island Hopper, Aquaglide, World of Watersports, and Popsport. We have the Bongo, Bounce N Splash, Platinum Rebound Aquapark, O-Zone Plus, SplashZone Plus, Wow, Turtle Hop, and the Inflatable Splash Padded trampolines and bouncers.

 We offer a selection of economical, durable, and safe inflatable products and attachments. Each brand manufactures its products with high-quality materials and innovative designs manufactured to last for years to come.

Eight Popular Water Trampolines and Bouncers Reviews

1. Rave Bongo Water Bouncer

 Rave Sports is the manufacturer of the Bongo Water Bouncer. It is light and portable to transport in an automobile, a boat, or a camper. It a smaller-sized bouncer with a design that is 10-feet in diameter for one adult or up to two children. The product’s content includes a safe boarding ladder, warranty registration, repair kit, ladder stabilizer, an inflation adapter/coupler, and the tube. The inflator air pump does not come with a product. You must purchase it separately.

Features and Specs

 The Bongo Water Bouncer features a three-step ladder, eight-sided polygon design, and a user’s manual with detailed instructions. The bouncer weighs approximately 37 pounds, making it easy to transport before the inflation process. The design is 10 feet in diameter and the bouncer platform measures six feet and six inches. 


 Water sports can be safe and fun for you and your family. You must read the manual before using the Rave Bongo water bouncer. If you and other users follow the directions precisely as instructed, the product is simple to use. Ensure there is supervision when in use by young children and teenagers. You must follow the safety rules and information provided in the manual. 

2. Island Hopper 10-inch Bounce N Splash

The Bounce N Splash model is a wonderful platform design with strong endurance to withstand intemperate recreational utilization. Island Hopper is the maker of the product and configured it with high-quality materials for adults and children to enjoy. The product comprises beneficial features and specs for assurance of safety by following the instructions in the owner’s manual. You and your family have the recreational option of lounging, jumping, or bouncing. 

Features and Specs

 Island Hopper developed the Padded Water Bouncer with safety and convenience features, including a four-step ladder, eight handles, and six anchor rings. Other features are the nylon web-like design and its UV resistant material. The manufacturer offers a five-year limited warranty and provides an instruction and warning manual. The 7-foot and six-inch trampoline jumping surface provide enough space for two people with flexible short-lift jumps. 


 If you select the Bounce N Splash Water Bouncer, read the manual’s instructions carefully and follow the guidelines on utilization to reduce potential injuries. It is the owner’s responsibility to inform children and other users about utilizing the bouncer on large bodies of water at least 8 feet in depth. The size of the product allows only three people to occupy at a time. When the assembly is complete, check the equipment before you anchor. 

3. AquaGlide Platinum Rebound Aquapark

 AquaGlide produced the Platinum Rebound Aquapark using an RF welding technique to secure stainless steel ring plates. It has an eight-sided design with heavy-duty formed boarding & transporting handles. The Aquapark gives you a water entertainment system for the entire family to have fun in the water bouncing, relaxing, sliding, or jumping. The content of the product includes a bouncer, slide, i-Log, boarding platform, and a repair kit. You need to purchase a tube inflator to inflate and deflate the product. 

Features and Specs

 Platinum Rebound Aquapark has a large recreational platform for up to seven users. AquaGlide manufactured the equipment using DuraTex PVC material and durable seams. The product is US safety compliant and features sturdy handles, a bouncer platform, and an owner’s manual. The measurements of the bouncer are 42-inch x 56-inch x 8-inch and its maximum weight is 1,200 lbs.


 The most important thing you must do is to read the owner’s manual about assembly, safety precautions, and use instructions. A significant recommendation is to wear a life jacket or other floating devices. The Platinum Rebound Aquapark is easy to care for, requiring mild soap and water. Let the product dry completely and store in a container in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

4. Rave Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

 Rave Sports built the O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer for children the ages of six to 10. It is one of the most affordable kid’s water playground that comes with a slide and the optional oasis lounge attachment. You can purchase the lounge separately to relax on while supervising your kids or use the swimming platform. Spend the day enjoying hours of watching them swim, bounce, splash, and jump up and down. The slide is on a five-foot platform for two children. 

Features and Specs

 O-Zone Plus Bouncer features a one-year limited manufacture warranty, manual, vinyl handles, an action center, PVC material, and vinyl handles. Its specs include a five-foot action center, a 48-inch boarding platform, and a 60-inch x 42-inch x 53-inch slide. The maximum weight allowed on this equipment is 500 lbs. 


 The user of the O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer should have a manual included with its content. It has instructions and information on warning and safety guidelines and registration to follow when in use and during installation. You should never over-inflate the product or use it in any swimming pools or near a dock or boat. Place the bouncer at least 15 feet away from all construction when on large bodies of water.

5. Rave – Splash Zone Plus

 Rave Sports has a large-sized Splash Zone water bouncer with a log, slide, and a platform for swimming. It is a 12-foot all-in-one water bouncer that includes a fabulous water park. You and the family will have an invigorating time in the sun on the lake, pond, beach, or river. The bouncing system has everything you need to protect adults of all ages, teens, and kids over the age of six. Your bouncer will include a seven-foot slide, 10-foot log, water trampoline, and boarding piece.

Features and Specs

 The 22-ft x 19.5-ft x 4-ft Splash Zone Waterpark features a boarding platform, slide, log, boarding handles, a carrying bag, and durable PVC material. The 84-inch x 35.5-inch x 50-inch slide, 42-inch x 30-inch x 10-inch boarding platform, and the 120-inch x 23-inch log are specs of the bouncer’s attachments.


 Assemble the Rave Sports Splash Zone Plus exactly as the owner’s guide instructs to avoid damages, malfunctions, and bodily injuries. It is simple to set up when the user follows each step of the instructions. Reinforce the safety rules to small children and provide supervision to ascertain users are following the guidelines and adhering to warnings in the manual. 

6. World of Watersports Inflatable Trampoline – 10-Foot

 Wow by World of Watersports is an inflatable bouncer, trampoline, and boarding platform. You can turn the Wow bouncer into a play or relaxation center for young children. World of Watersports designed it with an anchor system to keep the bouncer in place while the kids are jumping, bouncing, and climbing. Its material is heavy duty and PVC formulated to withstand extreme heat from the sun in the summer. Your kids will literally say “wow” to all the enjoyment they will have on the water.

Features and Specs

 The Wow Bouncer product features a bouncer, private island lounge, a large anchor bag, heavy-duty handles, and a play center manufactured with PVC material that is heat resistant. World of Watersports configured the Wow with a safety pad between the platform and the body of the bouncer for added protection. The product’s innovative valves allow you to quickly deflating and inflating the trampoline. Only one to two children can play on the recreational equipment at a time with a maximum weight limit of 240 pounds. 


 Take the time to read your user’s guide and then assemble the Wow Bouncer & Trampoline. After you finish putting together the product, check it to make sure you followed the instructions, and the bouncer is functioning properly. Advise all users to wear a safety vest.

7. Island Hopper Turtle Hop Water Bouncer 13-ft

 Young kids and teenagers get a thrill exploring the Turtle Hop Water Bouncer by Island Hopper. It is economical and easy to move and carry from location to location. This water bouncer is eye-catching with the looks of an actual turtle. The graphics are spectacular and emulate the turtle’s tail, feet, arms, shell, and head. The Turtle Hop comes with a ladder, repair kit, carrying bag, pump, and manual. 

Features and Specs

 Island Hopper’s visualization of a water bouncer manifested in an image of a turtle using sturdy nylon material. The Turtle Hop Water Bouncer features nine handles, four anchoring D-rings, a jumping surface, three-step ladder, manual, and a limited warranty on the surface and seams. The weight capacity can not exceed more than 350 lbs. The Jumping surface is 10 ft. in diameter and the tube measures 140 inches. 


 The Island Hopper Turtle Hop Water Bouncer requires close supervision by an adult regardless of the ages of the children and teens. The water recreational equipment is for kids under the age of six and up. Anchor the bouncer above eight feet of water away from traffic on the lakes and rivers. Do not use it in public or home swimming pools. You must place the Turtle Hop Water Bouncer in large bodies of water or on the ground surface. 

8. Popsport Inflatable Water Trampoline

 Popsport has an Inflatable Water Trampoline Series, a trampoline with a swim platform. The brand designed the water sports product with the bouncer, lounge, swimming, and jumping platforms. We carry this trendy brand because of its durability, activity diversity, and setup simplicity. Use as an aerobic water sport for cardio exercising with beautiful views of nature during the summer months. The weight of the bouncer is only 55 pounds, making it easy to transport in your vehicle to the desired location. 

Features and Specs

 The Inflatable Water Trampoline Series Splash Water Bouncer is 24 inches in height with a 13-foot bouncing platform and a maximum weight capacity of 880 lbs. The product features swimming & water bouncer platforms, a user’s manual, and a four-step ladder. An important spec is its PVC material resistant to fire, sunlight, and heat.


 All water sports equipment comes with helpful manuals for you to read and set up. It is important that you read the instructions and the warnings. We recommend that you inspect your Popsport product after assembly and inflation for any manufacturing defects and to ensure you assembled it properly. The manual will instruct you on how to clean and store the Water Trampoline Series Splash Padded Bouncer. 

 We have the top brands of bouncers and trampolines to turn your boating trip into a fun water park, lounge, and bouncing activity center. If you have children, the Turtle Hop Water Bouncer, O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer, and the Wow Bouncer are great buys and safe. 

 The Bongo Water Bouncer, Inflatable Water Trampoline Series, Platinum Rebound Aquapark, Bounce N Splash, and the Splash Zone Plus are perfect loungers and bouncers for adults and kids. The tips above along with reading the owner’s manual thoroughly will ensure you have a safe recreational event using any of the products.