How to Know What Size Trampoline is The Best?

For many families, the backyard is the most appropriate space for some outdoor fun and the trampoline is the ‘toy’ of choice. Fewer toys are able to reduce adults to giggling children and at the same time be as fun for children. The trampoline is one of such items. The entire family will enjoy using the trampoline and have fun while it. Additionally, the physical activity associated with jumping on a trampoline also means you get to burn some calories while enjoying yourself.

With this in mind, one of the main considerations to have in mind when choosing a trampoline is its size. What trampoline size should I consider?” should be the number one question you have in mind when you are on the market to purchase a trampoline. The size of any trampoline influences where you place the trampoline. It also influences who can use the trampoline. As such, the size of a trampoline should influence your final decision to a very great extent.


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Ideal Trampoline Sizes For Toddlers and Babies (2, 3 Year Olds)

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How to choose Size of Trampoline? 

That being said, you should note that when it comes to purchasing a trampoline, it is never straightforward. For starters, there are plenty of trampolines on the market. Furthermore, there are plenty of trampoline manufacturers who cater to buyers looking for custom-made trampolines. The process of choosing your trampoline of choice is further convoluted by the fact every family has their own unique requirements to consider during the buying process. As such, there is never a one-size-fits-all trampoline.

Herein we are going to explore how to consider trampoline size matters in intricate details. We will delve into all aspects of size and help guide you in the right direction in as far as choosing the right-sized trampoline for your family. Hopefully, by the end of our guide, you will know exactly what size trampoline to buy.

How Do You Measure Trampoline Sizes?

Measuring Circle Trampolines

The size of circle trampolines is essentially measuring the diameter of the trampoline right from the metal ring/edge. To measure the trampoline, you simply take a tape measure and choose a point then measure the length of the trampoline from your chosen point to the point directly opposite of the trampoline. Once you are done measuring this length, you should take a perpendicular measure just to account for the possibility that the trampoline is not a perfect circle.

Measuring Square/Rectangle Trampolines

To measure the size of the square or rectangular trampoline, you should measure the from edge to edge on one of the sides. Start with the shorter side and measure the length from one point to the directly opposite point. Do the same for the longer side. The combination of these two lengths define the sizes of square and rectangular trampolines.

Although rare, octagon-shaped trampolines do exist. In most cases, these types of trampolines tend to be bespoke made for individual customers. As such, the measure of their size will be given by the manufacturer of the trampoline.

Trampoline Sizes And Shapes

Just as it is with sizes, trampolines come in different shapes. The most common shapes for mass-produced units are the circular and rectangular shapes trampolines. You can get oval and square-shaped trampolines. However, there are few and far in between options when it comes to ova land square-shaped varieties. Even rarer is the octagonal variety. In most cases, such types of trampolines are specially ordered from the manufacturers.

With regards to shape preference among kids, there is a general tendency for boys to have a liking for circle-shaped trampoline in their younger years when given the chance to choose. At their young age, they tend to use the trampoline for jumping with no particular flow of motion. When they get older, they tend to prefer the rectangular and square shapes.

For girls, the general trend is girls tend to love rectangular and square shaped trampolines all through. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of them tend to use trampolines with gymnastic exercises in mind. Therefore, it is important for their trampolines to have a corner for reference as they practice their skills.

Round-Shaped Trampoline Sizes

#1. The 8ft, 9ft, ad 10ft Sizes – Small Trampolines for Kids

This sizes of trampolines lie on the lower end of the trampoline size scale. This size range is perfect for families whose trampolines will be exclusively used by kids as adults might damage these types of trampolines. Additionally, they are perfect for families that have a limited space in their backyard. The compact sizes of these trampolines mean they cannot occupy a large space. Moreover, they are easy to move and to store.

It is important to take safety very serious when using trampolines of these sizes. For instance, you should not allow more than one user at a time. It is very easy for kids to bump to one another and hurt one another.

#2. The 11ft, 12ft, and 13ft Sizes – Mid-Sized Trampolines

These range of trampolines is perfect for families with two kids who might want to use their trampolines at once. Alternatively, it is perfect for one young adult to use at a time. It is also perfect for families with a bigger backyard but not big enough for the largest of trampoline sizes.

#3. 14ft and 15ft Sizes – Large Family Trampolines

These are the largest sizes of trampolines that you can purchase on the mass market. Due to their larger sizes, they tend to have a better bounce, even when used by many kids together. Furthermore, they tend to outlast trampolines of other sizes.

They are perfect or families with more than two kids who will be using the trampoline together. Since they are large and more stress-resistant, they are also perfect for families where the adults in the family will be using the trampoline. Additionally, if there is a professional gymnast in the family, they are the perfect option.

However, you will need to have ample space in your backyard as they occupy large spaces. Moreover, they have more weight are less portable. As such, there is a high likelihood that you will leave in the backyard.

Rectangular-Shaped Trampoline Sizes

#1. 7ft x 10ft Sizes – Best Economy Trampolines

This size of trampoline has the highest space economy and portability. These trampolines do not occupy large spaces. Importantly, they weight very little and can be moved and stored with exceptional ease. They are also the cheapest of all the rectangular shaped trampolines.

#2. 8ft x 12ft Sizes – Top Gymnastic Trampolines

These are perfect for use by two kids or one adult. They are particularly good for 10 to 14-year-old kids looking to improve their gymnastics skills. They have a superior bounce to the same-sized round trampolines owing to the fact that they have one side shorter than the other side.

#3. 9ft x 14ft Sizes – Professional Trampolines for Gymnasts

This size of a rectangular trampoline is perfect for those seeking to be professional gymnasts. They are also perfect for a household with more than two kids who will be using the trampoline at the same time. For instance, they can accommodate two adults without the springs losing laxity, which go to shows how capable they are.

#4. 10ft x 17ft Sizes – Best Trampolines for Young Adults

This is the biggest trampoline size available on the mass market. The 10ft x 17ft sizes are typically used by professional gymnasts or those practising their trampoline skills for professional competitions. As such, they are perfect if you have young adults who will be using the trampoline or if you intend to pursue gymnastics professionally.

Trampoline Sizes And Weight Limit

Regardless of the sizes, all trampolines have weight limits. As such, before using the trampoline, you should understand the weight limits and strictly follow the recommendations. To this end, do not allow large number kids to use the trampoline simultaneously when their combined weight exceeds the weight limit. There is a safety issues associated with exceeding the weight limit where there is a possibility of kids hurting each one another due to a compromised bounce. Additionally, there is a risk of the trampoline failing.

Trampoline Height from Ground

When discussing trampoline sizes, it is important to also learn of the height. To be able to use a trampoline safely, it needs to have the right ground-clearance/height for use. Typically the smaller trampolines (6ft to 8ft trampolines) will have a ground clearance of 2ft. trampolines of larger sizes will have a ground clearance of 3ft. The typical height of the safety enclosures for smaller trampoline is about 4ft. For larger trampolines, the height is about 6ft.

Trampoline Sizes And Prices

On the pricing front, the prices of units generally increase with the increase in their sizes. The increase in sizes accounts for the additional engineering works done to reinforce the trampolines and therefore ensure rigidity and longevity. It also accounts for the additional material used to manufacture a bigger trampoline.

Speaking of material, there is also the quality issue. Generally, with better quality of material used, you can expect to fork out more as the trampoline is designed to last longer and withstand higher forces.

So, which is the perfect trampoline size to purchase? You should consider the typical users (your kids only or everyone in the family), the size of your backyard, the weight limit you need your trampoline to have and the quality of the materials used to manufacture the trampoline. Considering a combination of these factors, you will be able to choose the perfect trampoline for your family.

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